Bali Baird in Flip-Flops? Canada's Youth Delegation Tells It like It Is

The first bit of this video provides some great insight into just how bad things are going for Canada's Minister of Environment, John Baird at the United Nation's climate conference underway in Bali, Indonesia. 

H/T to Video Vox.


Disgraceful. Embarrassing. Shameful. Words I never thought I’d feel as a Canadian. It’s unbelievable how far back this current government is taking us. To be ranked 53 out of 55 countries is unacceptable. I feel as though we are headed into George Bush legacy territory in supporting one of the worst governments in Canadian history. Why aren’t we protesting in droves?

Why aren’t we marching on Parliament Hill? So what if it’s -8C tomorrow in Ottawa? I’m not being facetious here. It’s time to mobilize and tell this government that they DO NOT REPRESENT 68% OF THE POPULATION.

Maybe this farce in Bali is a blessing in disguise, if it will wake people up to the travesty that Harper’s “New Canadian Government” really is.

Earlier today I was discussing this with my son, telling him how discouraging I found all of this. He said, “Well, maybe it’s time to be a hero, Mum.” How can we be “Heroes”? How can we make a difference for our children and their children?

As It Happens (CBC radio) had an excellent interview with Rosa Kouri tonight, one of the youth delegates; also an interview with an Encana executive.

In Part 1.

I was just listening to the CBC and the new Australian Prime Minister spoke. In one election, one the worst countries in the world on global warming inaction has become one of the most passionate. It’s time we did the same.

I guess you only pay attention to the news you like.
Quelle surprise.

From December 7:
EVEN before he gets to Bali for crucial climate change talks, Kevin Rudd has found himself embroiled in the complex world of global warming politics.

“The Prime Minister yesterday attempted to clarify a statement from the Australian delegation in Bali, which said Australia “fully supports” an earlier decision for developed countries to examine cutting greenhouse emissions by between 25 per cent and 40 per cent by 2020.

“That stance suggested Australia was prepared to radically cut its emissions, forcing Mr Rudd and his Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, to issue statements stressing that Australia was not yet committing itself to any 2020 targets.

“Mr Rudd said some countries had indicated “they do not necessarily accept those targets, nor do they accept those targets as binding targets for themselves”. He added: “That is also the position of the Australian Government.”

Did Canadian taxpayers pick up the tab to send these ditzy twits to Bali to dis Baird while having a lovely winter get-away? I certainly hope not. Imagine – not high on the agenda of a busy Minister! Oh dear, oh dear.

Clearly Zog did not listen to the interview in which Rosa said that most of the youth paid their own way, some with the help of friends and family. No doubt the industry representatives had our tax dollars pay for their little trade show presentations, however, since Baird invited them.

Also, Rosa notes that Baird showed up at the back of the room where he was advertised to speak in his flip-flops, then apparently sneaked off without even apologizing to the international audience that had assembled to hear Canada’s Minister of the Environment speak. So our tax dollars are indeed being wasted by paying a cabinet minister’s salary to the inadequate John Baird.

I would like to put some light onto the comment made by Zog. Obviously this is just an attack since without even leaving contact information it is just a punch in the dark. I am with the Canadian Youth Delegation and am managing an United Nations Development Programme publication for youth on climate change and not to mention we have many young professionals on the delegation such as lawyers. Everyone on the delegation raised funds on our own to attend and many paid out of pocket to put attention on the lack of leadership from the Canadian Delegation on this issue.

Anyone who is interested in more information on the Canadian Youth Delegation please visit or feel free to email me [email protected]

My thanks to the entire youth delegation attending in Bali, and working behind the scenes here in Canada. You are to be applauded for your dedication.

So, did your self-appointed group ever bother to try and make an appointment with Baird in Ottawa? Even though most of your little group are located right in Ontario? No? Well, much more fun to jet THIRTY TWO of you off to Bali on a little junket, instead, while claiming you are against Global Warming.

Now do you see why some people might get the impression that you are ditzy twits?

trying to make a difference, while you keep plumping for the status quo. From my point of view, these are people putting their $$ where their mouths are. You, on the other hand, just keep blethering away out there in the midwest sounding quite hysterical when it gets right down to it.

You know, Rob, I’ve been watching your posts for quite awhile now, and I have yet to see any solid scientific argument to back up your position. You rant and you rave and you call people names, but you don’t introduce anything new to the debate. On the contrary, you seem to have a very specific political agenda that has nothing to do with scientific research. I don’t really care whether you are a blogger from North Dakota at or just some complete lunatic from the outer rim planets. The point is that you are a loser and a wombat.

The science is clear. The research gets more and more focussed every day. You must have some reason for wanting desperately for the research to be wrong. Well, buddy – so do I. I just wish there was some credible basis to believe that might be the case. But every bit of research that comes in contradicts that position.

So maybe I was a ditzy twit when I was in high school volunteering every weekend to smash & recycle bottles at the Pollution Probe depot in Grimsby, Ontario. You want to meet with Baird in Ottawa? Try it. And let me know how it works out.

Hello All,
This is your ‘Ditxy Twit’ comming in.
To respond to this comment - YES we tried several times to have a meeting with Minister Baird and his delegation. We approached multiple times leaving many contacts. All of which went unanswered.
Only later did we here from his Communications team that Minister Baird felt we had had adequate oppourtunities to voice our concerns with him - once at a party for NGO’s which he wasnt event supposed to be at where we initally spoke with him to say that we would love a round table, and another time as he was quickly exiting the BICC.
So please, as Adam had stated above, before you go jumping to conclusions and assuming that we are just lazy ignorant youth out for the apotlight please check out our biuos and objectives at, and you will find that we are all hard working professionals, students, educators etc and this trip was in no way meant for personal gain (unless you mean the clean safe world we are all pushing to get)
The Ditzy Twit

Background on Baird:

The above link to a summary of Baird’s history is quite interesting. I had no idea that Baird was involved in scuttling a Light Rail system in Ottawa while he was on the Treasury Board. Seems like the conservatives are a bunch of corrupt thugs. Given the revelations from Karlheinz Schreiber recently, it isn’t hard to imagine huge deposits to Stephen Harper’s Swiss bank account from Encana.

Baird used to represent my riding provincially & then federally, before re-distribution, and he had a prominent role in Mike Harris’ “Common Sense Revolution.” What a huge success THAT was! Wikipedia has an entry for him, and his shenanigans go ‘way back to 1985. This guy is a career politician with no experience in any other aspect of real life.

please note: I do not endorse this blog, and don’t know how reliable the information may be. But this post following up on the bribery charges against Ottawa’s mayor, Larry O’Brien, is quite interesting:
[space inserted]/more-cons-try-to-cover-this-one-up.html

I bet Baird has other things on his mind in Bali …

It’s a good blog; I visit it fairly often. She talks about Canadian politics; supports the Liberals, I think, but is good despite that. :)

Way to go, Youth Delegation. It is great to see sharp young people who care were able to be there.