Bali: Canadian Security Threatens Enviros with Indonesian Jail

The head of the Canadian delegation's security contingent threatened a group of young environmentalists with the prospect of spending time in an Indonesian jail, yesterday - and then followed up by summoning Indonesian police, as CanWest News Service's Mike de Souza reports here .

The offending members of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition had been so rude as to hold up a sign questioning Canada's performance at the UNFCCC conference; pretty much the least you could expect given how embarrassing Canadian Environment Minister John Baird has been for the last few days.

It's fortunate that the Indonesian police have a sense of occasion - even a tolerance for democracy - that goes beyond what is being shown in the Canadian delegation. The police interviewed the young environmentalists briefly and then left them to their task.

Kudos to de Souza, whose webposts out of Bali have been excellent. And a big brickbat for “team Canada.” The stress of being the world's foremost environmental pariah must be taking its toll.


True North? well, not so much. we’ve got a denying government that is scared of acknowledging the truth.

Strong? ahhh, well, strike two. we’re saying we won’t do anything until everybody else does something first. last time I checked, that’s a pretty weak stance.

Free, though right? well, only thanks to the Indonesian police.

The only ones standing on guard for this country are the concerned citizens, businesses, and municipal and provincial governments who are ready to take action on climate change. Thank the almighty beaver Canada still has its people.

Now about Canada’s new, oil-friendly and denying, government: do we owe them the chance to prove they care about their home and native land? The clock certainly appears to be ticking…