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29 Vermont Communities Say No to Tar Sands Shipments, New England Opposition Grows

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Last week in the state of Vermont, 29 communities sent a strong message to elected leaders in Montpelier and Washington, D.C. by passing a non-binding resolution that would prohibit the shipping of dirty tar sands through the Northeast Kingdom portion of the state via The Portland Pipeline.

The 236-mile-long Portland pipeline, which runs from Portland, Maine to Montréal, Québec, across a rather scenic and “wild” portion of northern New England, is said to be majority-owned, at 76%, by ExxonMobil according to an analysis by environmental groups and

ExxonMobil, being deeply entrenched in the development of tar sands, might find good reason to send the tar sands from Montréal down to Portland for export, say many environmental groups.  Such realities are what propelled Vermont to take precautions and pass the resolution.

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