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Cutting Nukes First: The Economic Burden of Nuclear Weapons

Cut nukes not clean energy

As I write this, US leaders have just two weeks to make a deal on how to cut the deficit to prevent the nation defaulting on their debt commitments.

President Obama said that, in terms of budget cuts, “everything is on the table.” Of course, that includes crucial programs such as research for clean energy. But one aspect of US military spending doesn’t seem to be getting much attention: the $600 billion the US will spend this decade on dangerous and useless nuclear weapons.

And the US isn’t alone. As President of World Security Institute (and co-founder of Global Zero) Bruce Blair wrote on Time.com, the nine nuclear nations will spend more than $1 trillion on their nuclear programs over the next decade:

Nine Days to Save the Great Bear and a Ban on Trophy Hunting

The Great Bear Rainforest has been in the news a lot over the last couple of months. First off, the BC government is coming down to the wire on following through on its promise to protect the region.  Three years ago, the province of British Columbia committed to protecting this region under a new conservancy.

IKEA Touts Its Green Ways

Dabbler.ca writes about a new Canadian IKEA website, TheIKEAWay.ca. It's a website espousing and discussing about IKEA's environmental and CSR practices.

Mowing Down Pollution

The folks at the Clean Air Foundation recently announced this year's version of Mow Down Pollution. It's a campaign, started in 2001, that encourages Canadians to turn in their old and busted lawn mowers. When I first heard about this project I was, like, really? Lawnmowers are big polluters? As it turns out, they matter:

Only Five Days Left in Our Photo Contest

Just a quick note to encourage any late entries in our Greenest Photo Ever contest. We've been overwhelmed with the responses, as there are now 284 photos submitted. Act fast, and I'm afraid you've got a bit of competition.

Image courtesy of Fort Photo.

We Won a WebAward

Just a quick post to say that we recently received an “Advocacy Standard of Excellence” award from the good folks at WebAwards. We're not exactly sure what that means, but we're always pleased to receive some online award love.


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