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Dr. Doug Leahy: Do any of the Friends of Science not lead back to oil and gas?

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As the DeSmogBlog team continues it's research into the Alberta-based super skeptic society, the Friends of Science, it is becoming more and more surprising the links to oil and gas interests and the Harper Tories.

We're not even really trying, we type their name into Google and a barrage of questionable links, from legitmate sources pop up.

NEWS ALERT: Conservative/Alberta PC Operative Backs "Friends of Science"

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As Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Ralph Klein continue to lead the anti-Kyoto charge on the political front, it now appears that that Tory activists are also working the public relations campaign to muddy the waters – especially by backing the activities of the Alberta-based climate change denial machine: “Friends of Science.

Jim Hoggan Starring on

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Check out Jim's editorial piece posted by our friends in Maine at  Thanks for helping us get the word out on the spin marring the debate on climate change!

Dr. Tim Ball On CFC's and the Sponsorship Scandal

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Upon closer review of the recent Ottawa Citizen editorial board with the infamous climate change denier Dr. Tim Ball, we here at the DeSmogBlog Team have uncovered even further evidence about how outrageous Dr. Ball actually is.

In the PR world we call it staying on message, listen to this interview if you are interested in how not to do an interview. We here at the DeSmogBlog Team appreciate the PR practitioner providing Dr. Ball with the bad advice.


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