Bring it on, Dr. S. Fred Singer

There seems to be a chilly pattern developing, with climate change deniers suing, or threatening to sue, when someone questions their credentials (as in the case ofDr. Tim Ball) or their motivations (as in the case of Dr. S. Fred Singer).
For the record - and in specific response to the most recent demand for “redress” from Dr. Singer's lawyer (attached) - the DeSmogBlog is willing to stand accountable for anything that we have published. That includes apologizing quickly and sincerely when it can be demonstrated that we have made a mistake. Or not, when it cannot.

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Some body must have installed filters on Singer’s computer which block anything containing “tobacco and fraud”.

Does he think that the Statute of Limitations wipes the slate clean?

Ian Forrester 

RE: “when it can be demonstrated that we have made a mistake.”

I was taught it differently - that responsibility for accuracy lies with the person or institution making the allegation.

I have made a few quite colorful mistakes in my life and I have apologized when I discovered my error. I am not here to suggest that I won’t also make a mistake in the future (I’m sure you’ll be immediately helpful, should the occasion arise).
In this case, however, we have made an extra effort to ensure the accuracy of our allegations: read the post. If you see anything less than convincing in Dr. Singer’s previous relationships with big tobacco and big oil, I’ll be happy to hear about it.