British Columbia’s capital set to fine idlers over global warming

Victoria councilors are expected to give the bylaw final approval this week. Drivers will have a year to mend their ways; conditioned by educational tips related to idling vehicles and, later, warnings that ticketing will follow.

Fines will take effect a year after bylaw adoption. The move follows a trend adopted for their fleets by government and business. Anti-idling laws have also been implemented in municipalities across Canada.

A Victoria staff report has found excessive idling contributes to global warming and pollution. A National Resources Canada website also says Canada could block more than one million tons of carbon dioxide annually if every driver of a light-duty vehicle avoided idling for five minutes a day.


It would be interesting to know how many people have been done for idling in the municipalities that already have such laws…

Ban the sale and use of remote car starters - devices whose sole purpose appears to be to cause more idling.

“Ban the sale and use of remote car starters - devices whose sole purpose appears to be to cause more idling.”

I wholeheartedly agree! Even those who live here in “Winterpeg” (i.e. Winnipeg, for those who are unaware of our nickname) don’t need to start their vehicles while they’re still inside their homes. Plugging in your vehicle overnight and letting your car warm up for a minute or so is usually enough in an average winter morning here (that is around -20 C or -5 F).

Life in the big city just got a little more hostile and oppressive.

Thanks a million, “Environmentalists”.

Give me a break. Do you enjoy sitting at the curb needlessly burning a finite resource? It's common sense. Unfortunately, sometimes people have to be nudged to do the right thing.

Gasoline isn’t being rationed, so what the hell is it to you what I do with MY gas? You didn’t pay for the gas in my tank, I did. And who are you to say what is “needless”. How about I be the judge of that. Now THAT is common sense – at least to those of us who aren’t meddling busybodies.

“And who are you to say what is “needless”. How about I be the judge of that.” We are the same folks that object to you dumping your sewage in the streets. When you foul the shared space, the rest of us have a legitimate right to stop you. If you block the exhaust systems on your vehicle, you can idle as much as you like.

As it turns out, I’ve never dumped any sewage in the streets. Next you’ll claim that I’m burning down orphanages. Get a grip.

If you’re worried about anyone “fouling our shared space” (a charge that can conveniently mean anything you want), I’d ask the city of Victoria why they continue to dump raw, untreated sewage directly into the harbour. Apparently, that doesn’t seem to bother you. You’d rather stick it to people for some idiotic faux-environmental ideology.

Has bothered a lot of people for a long time and there has been significant pressure put on the city of victoria to do something about it. That's not the point of this post. 

If you don't want an environmental reason for why to not sit at the curb needlessly transmitting greenhouse gas, how about an economic argument?

To quote: 

“An average idling gas engine burns 3.5 litres of fuel per hour. So if gas was selling at 85.9 cents per litre, in the 10 minutes you spent idling in the Tim Hortons lineup, you just threw away 50 cents.

If you did that five days a week, waiting for that morning coffee would cost you about $130 over a year.”

The idling law is a start, but why not ban drive-throughs outright? They pollute, contribute to AGW, and contribute to obesity. And by the way, where are you finding gas for 85.9? I filled up at 104.6 this morning! (and you can bet that I don’t drive any more than I absolutely have to at that price!)