US admin. interference with climate science exposed in whistleblower report

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The study (pdf.) – Redacting the Science of Climate Change: an investigative and synthesis report – took a year to complete and compiles information from dozens of interviews and thousands of FOIA disclosures, internal documents and public records. It illustrates an organized and secretive White House effort beginning in 2001 to restrict scientists' ability to accurately communicate their research results to the media, the public and Congress.

The report said the administration altered press releases, muzzled scientists who spoke openly and, frequently, routed requests for information about sensitive research to the White House. The report focuses primarily on National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration but includes information on similar tampering at NASA and the EPA.

Although evidence of the Bush administration playing politics with climate-change science has trickled out in the media for some time, the report assembles many of the more egregious offenses. Tarek Maassarani, the report's author, testified today before the House Science Committee hearing on political interference in science research.

Here's the RealPlayer webcast from today's hearing.

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I see that the climate discussion has become a political one, but if you eliminate the talk about “environmental” taxes, you see that there is no conclusion about climate. They can show reports about cars, energy, even make us change lightbulbs, but what about the oceans? Did they mention anything about the real causes of climate change? I am not so sure that they even know how big the global warming problem is, and I am afraid of the moment when it will be a bit too late to do something about this.

The hearing should have considered gov interference with gov scientists on climate change and global warming both before and during the Bush administration. I experienced interference with my research and studies on climate-hydrologic modeling and model parameter calibration beginning in Jan 2000 while I was preparing for an interagency spring flood outlook planning meeting at the St. Paul district Corps of Engineers building in St. Paul, MN. The interference continued until I was removed from civil service while I was at NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) North Central River Forecast Center (NCRFC) located in Chanhassen, MN.

My career as a hydrologist in climate data analysis and hydrologic model development with NWS began in Feb. of 1976. I was removed by NWS supervisors on July 15, 2005, for insisting and being too outspoken in my efforts to consider climate-hydrologic change at NWS NCRFC. I first learned that global warming was happening and expected to have large hydrologic impacts while watching the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather during the second week of January, 2000, in interviews with then NOAA director Dr. James Baker.

The reason many incidents of direct interference by NOAA NWS supervisors from 2000-2005 on climate-hydrologic change research were not included in the report by G.A.P. for the House hearing was because that interference began before G.W.Bush took office.

The intensity of the interference increased under Bush, by NOAA administrator John Mahoney, NWS directors David Johnson, Dennis McCarthy and John Jones all now at NOAA and NWS national headquarter’s offices, but for political reasons there was a reluctance by the democratic politicians to include any reports on federal interference by NOAA administrators, directors and supervisors on climate/hydrologic change research because that interference began during democratic Clinton-Gore years (2000 and before).

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