But What's the Point, Rex?

Canada’s most loquacious iconoclast, the grandiloquent Rex Murphy, was having forth on CBC’s The National again last night, arguing that Paul Martin’s position on climate change is hypocritical (which is true), and that the whole notion of global warming is too confusing to be believable (which is pathetic).

It is ever a disappointment that, in rustling up his fatuous philippics, Murphy can always find time to commune with his Thesaurus but never manages an opportunity to check his facts.

Five minutes with a Grade 7 science teacher would be sufficient to understand why “warmer can mean wetter.” Three minutes on the Nature website would explain that, in certain global pockets, warmer can indeed mean colder, especially if the Gulf Stream stalls in the Atlantic Ocean.

C’mon Rex. Enough with the Ciceronian silliness, the blithe blather wrapped in lavish language. How about a little reliable content, for a change?