Can Wiki Scanner help the DeSmogosphere?

Ever wonder who's behind some of the outrageous edits to Wikipedia? Has an underhanded auto manufacturer been editing the Wikipedia entry for global warming?

Check out Wikipedia Scanner, an amazing piece of programming that is rightfully getting the attention it deserves. The program can trace Wikipedia edits back to known IP addresses of corporations and organizations.

For instance, it has already uncovered that someone at an IP address for ExxonMobil made sweeping edits to the Wikipedia entry on the Valdez oil spill.

No edits to climate change, global warming or any related Wikipedia entry has been touched by ExxonMobil though.

Check it out for yourself and let me know if you find anything juicy. Does anyone have the IP address for the Competitive Enterprise Institute? Oh wait, I do!

Stay tuned…

Nice job Virgil!


Greenpeace has been busy editing Wiki entries; on people like Stephen Harper, Tucker Carlson and Ted Nugent.

That’s nothing. Conservative staffers in Parliament edited former Prime Minister Paul Martin’s bio to write that he was “the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history”. Paul Martin never really had the chance to do anything because the Conservatives were always blaming him for the sponsorship scandal, despite the fact that he had nothing to do with it and knew nothing about it. To have people in government rewriting this about the previous government goes completely against government ethics.

That’s par for the course for the people who thought calling it “Canada’s New Government” was a good idea. They ruined the Government of Canada websites, rearranging them and adding a bunch of ugly blue and lots of pictures of Stephen Harper, the only cabinet member allowed to talk in public.

The entries from that particular IP address start in 2003, predating the Harper government by several years.

Shockingly, that IP address originates within Environment Canada.

Hmmm. Of the entries listed, two screens come from the pre-Harper era (until late January 2006), while over 12 screens come from the Harper era (after January 2006). So, for over two years of Liberal rule, they managed one-sixth of the entries of “Canada’s New Government”, which has been in power for 19 months.

Now, who’s wasting more taxpayers dollars?

And just when did Wikipedia start keeping these records?

That’s true - the Liberals were extremely negligent on environmental issues and deserved to get kicked out for that, even without adscam. But the Conservatives did not advocate for the environment while in opposition, and they have gotten worse as they moved further right. Some of their rightwing supporters and elected MPs have expressed hatred for environmentalists, including my own former MP, a Reform Party person whom I helped get rid of by voting for Joe Clark last time he was elected.

So the Liberals were bad, the Reformatories are worse. Would the NDP do better? Maybe.

Focussing on the policy, the greens are the only ones advocating a tax shift from income to carbon emissions. To me, this makes sense. I believe I’ve heard statements that the NDP is supportive of the Gateway project ( old quotation from provincial NDP leader on this webpage ). I won’t tell anybody they shouldn’t vote for the NDP (or any other party), but I will suggest that they pressure their party to adopt policies that promote meaninful, sustainable change.

We need to push every party to promote environmental wellbeing through tough regulations and legislation. The environment has been belittled into being considered a leftwing issue by the rightwingers, and we need to get the message across that it is a major issue for all Canadians, and not just a matter of ideology. The thing is, I consider the current Conservatives to be too ideological to be able to act for the public good on the environment; they are just too far behind the rest of us.

The Green Party may help in some parts of the country, since it is not particularly leftwing; but the NDP has a better chance of getting enough clout in Parliament to push a minority government into taking action on the environment.