Canada Demoted from "Honest Broker" to "Lunch Date"

There was a time - hell, there was half a century, beginning with the Nobel Prize-winning work of later-to-be-Prime Minister Lester Pearson in 1956 - when Canada could be counted upon as an honest broker on the world stage. It was a country that you wanted at the negotiating table, because it could be relied upon to take a prinicpled position and because it had the capacity to exercise a little influence in the North American sphere. Uncle Sam has never had the capcity to listen closely but when Canada spoke, at least they listened.

Alas, apparently no longer. Regardless that Canada can surely claim status as a fossil fuel “super-polluter,” we Canada didn’t make the short list of five countries that actually negotiated the Copenhagen Accord. Canada didn’t even make the long list of 17 countries that U.S. President Barack Obama gathered around him when he first arrived at COP15.

But there was one list that Harper topped: a group of mostly second-and third tier nations whose leaders were just bursting to tell the folks back home that they’d met the U.S. President. Admittedly, Harper and Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres had met Obama before. But they were reduced to rubbing shoulders with former East Block “giants” like the presidents of Georgia and Montenegro.

A full listof lunch guests appears below, courtesy of U.S. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Prime Minister Harper must be so proud.

Update - President Obama greeted and talked to the he following leaders during a lunch here in Copenhagen.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Israeli President Shimon Peres

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou

Ghana President John Mills

Montenegro Prime Minister Milo Dukanovi

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki

Czech Republic Prime Minister Jan Fischer

Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili

Serbian President Boris Tardic

Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning


Obama didn’t need to talk to Harper. The two had already, previously, decided exactly what was to come out of Copenhagen before they even arrived. What you saw was all smoke and mirrors so you would THINK something meaningful was coming.

In short, you’ve been had.

This is a must read:

By Lee C. Gerhard

December 16, 2009

“I have been a reviewer of the last two IPCC reports, one of the several thousand scientists who purportedly are supporters of the IPCC view that humans control global temperature. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of us try to bring better and more current science to the IPCC, but we usually fail. Recently we found out why. The whistleblower release of e-mails and files from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University has demonstrated scientific malfeasance and a sickening violation of scientific ethics.”

Read the rest of the points.

any ‘researcher’ who (consistently) references Fraser Institute reports and faux-researchers like McKitrick, as Gerhard does in his ‘papers’, ain’t worth the time of day.

Self-inflated drivel is more like it.

Putting aside this author’s dubious affiliations, he doesn’t offer up any references (credible or otherwise) to back up his “facts.” It just comes across as another lazy op-ed posing as credible science.

Since when are contributors, whether pro or con GW, to this forum required to cite references? Very few do, not even the principals of DeSmogBlog.

I’m not saying JR needed to provide references himself, but merely pointing out that the opinion piece he linked contains no references for its numerous scientific “facts.”

I suggest the lecture by Professor Richard Alley [Penn State, Earth & Environmental Systems Institute], “The Biggest Control Knob, Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Climate History,” delivered last week (Dec. 16th) at the Annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Fran.:

Concluding statement: “An increasing body of science indicates that CO2 has been the most important controller of earth’s climate. [for majority of earth’s history]”

Real peer-reviewed science, that is.

It’s an hour long presentation, video & ppt. and well worth the investment if you’re actually interested in exploring the topic.

Let’s see the American Enterprise Institute’s emails. And CATO’s. And “The Friends of Science.” The Earth is not flat. Second hand smoke kills. Fossil fuels heat the climate. And the producers lie about the science. Everybody knows it. “Scientific ethics?” You deniers are such losers.

Fossil fuels do not heat the climate; certainly not until they burn or explode.

[Might I suggest you read all that “Amabo” has contributed to this website, for starters. You just might learn something.]

“Contributed?” Ya right. By the man (?) who dares to be know by a fake name. Do you publish in peer reviewed scientific journals by that name? Amabo, what is that? Ama from the latin amo “to love” and b o from the colloquial “to stink.”

Yes, John, I had a hot looking Latin teacher in Gr.9 (Rosemead H.S. in Rosemead, CA – a bedroom community of L.A.), and while teaching, she would walk around the classroom, ruler in hand and point to each of us students at random and say, “Procado Amabo”, at least that’s the way I remember it. That happened a very long time ago. She gave me a good foundation in Latin which served me well as I proceeded through long, formal years of undergrad and grad schools and specialized postgrad education, all in the sciences in the USA and Canada. So, I owe a lot to that lady. Still interested? Well, I happen to be one of scientists “blacklisted” by DeSmogBlog, so I had / have little recourse but to use a pseudonym, and again, thanks to my Latin teacher, I remembered “Amabo”.
Then, a few days after I’d been allowed to write here at DeSmogBlog, suddenly it hit me like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, Amabo spelled backwards is
O B A M A . I couldn’t believe it, but it is so… That’s my story, and I sticking to it! By the way, thank you, DeSmogBlog for letting so many of us with dissenting views to express those views here. Most generous. I genuinely like you guys, even if we think differently about CO2 and GW and AGW. And, Mr. John Lefebvre, I am very proud of my real name, and I do have some published, peer reviewed papers under my real, Eastern European name.

Blacklisted? Bullshit. Like we don’t let bone heads on the site. Amabo means the same thing in Latin that Nitup does - nothing. You clue. Proud of your name, eh? You’re a liar. Come sue me. O woops, I forgot. That would require your real name. And Nitup is Putin backwards. You work for him?

but without humans as we know them.

As a matter of fact chicken little was right, the sky is falling.

Answer me as to why this should be.

I don’t think even you believe that Lionel. If people actually did their would be riots in the streets. I see nothing except hapy people shopping in SUV’s, join the club, don’t mope over the hysteria.

and seem to have no intention of trying to find out. You would then be in danger of learning something that will prick your bubble (or vice versa).

You wouldn’t dare to do such now would you!

There, there, John. Why do you get so upset, hyper, and uptight? – OR – Are you employed here at Desmogblog as an “enforcer”; the “muscle”? This sentence, “Like we don’t let bone heads on the site.” makes me wonder… When you say “WE” in this sentence of yours which I just quoted, just who do you mean? You, and who else? Sounds like you work here, John. Hope they pay you well for being a sourpuss.

I don’t know you from Adam. So, try to be civil to all guests. Don’t take comments of writers so personally. You give your views; I’ll give mine. We don’t have to resort to name-calling. OK? Merry Christmas!

Thanks boys, but I’ve never been merrier. Me thinks I’m not the lady here who protesteth too much. We can’t publish a word here without you guys disgorging vehement volumes. Honestly I don’t know why we still afford you the platform. O, and does that Merry Christmas extend to the people of Darfur? And Nigeria?

‘Spoken as an ignoramous’

‘Fossil fuels do not heat the climate; certainly not until they burn or explode’

So, you have studied black body radiation and radiation balance, quantum mechanics, action of various wavelengths of the electromechanical spectrum on molecules, thermodynamics, and convection have you?

No, I thought not.

Don’t you mean ‘electromagnetic’ spectrum, and, oh, by the way, why the hostility and vitriol? Not at all necessary. We can, and should, be civil, even if we don’t agree on everything.

You spotted the deliberate, testing, mistake.

So. Have you studied any of that WRT CO2 and CH4?

The earth is not a black body, the radiation balance of the planet is unkown (admitted in the emails), quantum mechanics has nothing to do with climate, CO2 is only partly responsible for electromagnetic absorbtion, and convection is why the planet is not a greenhouse.

‘Fact-based climate debate’

Yeh! Right!

See here:

Disinformation database

Lee C. Gerhard

Research and Background

Gerhard is a retired geologist from the University of Kansas. He has government and industry experience in petroleum exploration, research and exploration program management, oil and gas regulation and reservoir geology. According to a search of 22,000 academic journals, Gerhard has published 13 research articles in peer-reviewed journals, mainly on the subject of resource geology in the oil and gas sector.

Read the rest at:

You are beyond parody JR.

Canada was willing to dance, but she wasn’t going to take the lead.

This is the only way it can be now. It’s Obama pushing the anti carbon agenda. It’s not a Canadian game. Even so, Canada would have no choice but to come along if the main cheerleaders of the anti carbon movement were serious. They are profoundly un-serious about this “save the world” sideshow.

… or as he liked to say as Presidential candidate Obama, “clean coal”.

He just paid off a small portion of the huge debt he owes the Coal Lobby of America.

But that was a good thing for all people of the planet. I’m sure that at least 50% of the people who visit, read and contribute to this, the DeSmogBlog, website would agree.

“…we Canada didn’t make the short list of five countries that actually negotiated the Copenhagen Accord…”

We can take some pride in the fact that Canada didn’t have any real hand in this pompous utterly empty document, which served only one purpose: a last ditch attempt to spin progress where there was essentially none.

However, Canada’s relevancy on the international stage is being diminished by not even being asked to participate in this meeting.

But this says more about the non-inviter rather than the non-invitee. Canada staked out a position at the talks essentially identical to that of the USA. Yet somehow Obama was a saviour and Harper was a villian. It’s an illogical characterization based on the substance of our respective stances.

Who cares if we were asked to participate when what was hammered out was a meaningless, toothless, non-enforceable agreement? Obama squandered political credibility on the subject of AGW. He talks the talk, like most AGW advocates, and little more.

You, Mr. Lttlemore, and I, have no idea what discussions and negotiations went on between Obama and Harper prior to COP15. Don’t forget, Obama owes big to the the coal lobby in the States, while Harper owes the West, and especially Alberta (and maybe even Newfoundland and Labrador). Anyway, Harper deserves at least a small measure of credit for derailing a stupid, half-baked conference in beautiful Copenhagen which tried to make all peoples of the world buy into the global warming scam which blames good, clean, ecological, and scarce atmospheric CO2 for an imaginary issue called global warming, and AGW.
Thank you Prime Minister Harper for saving some scarce tax dollars for the citizens of your country, Canada; for standing firmly, but diplomatically, against the nonsensical global warming issues.

In 2006, the eco-magazine Grist called for Nuremberg-Style trials for skeptics. In 2008, Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki called for government leaders skeptical of global warming to be thrown “into jail.”

eco-fascism right here in Canada…

When I heard on the radio that Harper thought we had a good deal, I knew we were screwed. Reading the posts here the deniers seem to have a bit of an in-your-face-we-won attitude, fact is we all lose.

Is this a dare care blog? I haven’t heard such whining since I told my kids they couldn’t have their own cell phones.

The adults won this round and I expect the next round (if there is one) will be nothing but a sob fest because the babies didn’t and will never get their oh-so caring world government to take care of them. Oh ya and get the planet to cool off even faster than it already is.

It’s over! The fat lady has sung.