Canadian bank report plugs pollution taxes in climate-change fight

The bank’s chief economist says taxing those who actually pollute creates an incentive to change behavior. The tax should be applied when pollution is created, he said. Thus, the consumer would pay for car pollution, and industry would pay for pollution associated with production.

In an emissions-trading system, companies that reach their emissions targets can sell credits to other companies who can't seem to lower their greenhouse gas output.

Joining an international system might not appeal to Canadians at the moment, the report said, but Canada should get involved in a domestic emissions-trading scheme soon with an eye to connecting to the bigger markets later.


Did you read the article Johan or this another drive-by smearing?

To quote:

“They advocate a policy that combines emissions regulations, taxes, subsidies and a trading system for emissions credits – a varied approach they say would mitigate the impact on the economy.”

Here's some more information on emissions trading.

And here's a picture if you prefer that:

Carbon from cars

sure, but what’s that gotta do with CO2? Emissions (e.g. car emissions) contain many harmful substances, but CO2 is not one of them.

“They advocate a policy that combines emissions regulations, taxes, subsidies and a trading system for emissions credits – a varied approach they say would mitigate the impact on the economy.”

And again:

Carbon from cars

And to add:

Cars are a huge emitter of CO2, if we bring in higher fuel efficiency standards (i.e. we burn less gas to go further) we emit less C02.

And finally to quote the article again:

“The revenues would be shifted into cutting taxes in other areas or to finance subsidies that further help the environment.”

Seriously, I don't get your point!?

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A pollutant is defined as anything that in sufficient quantaties will cause harm. It’s like calling something a weed. It’s only so if it bothers you.

CO2 by that definition would be a pollutant. Jokehan the denier with his head up his ass does make a point. Unfortunately, its a dumb one that really doesn’t add to the discussion.

We just end up having to waste our time refuting and explaining his wierd rationsles for not doing anything about global warming.

Bad little denier jokehan!

anything is a pollutant, which makes the definition meaningless. You can do better than that.

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Why is this a flame? It’s just a neutral statement.

I don’t care much what Exxon thinks about CO2. Unlike you, I am completetely independent of corporate donations.

Fluoride is good in your toothpaste but a pound of it is not. A healthy level fo CO2 is good while rapidly accelerating levels are not. Many “pollutants” occur naturally at low levels. At high levels they are poisonous. In any case, you are dilatory.

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