Christopher Monckton: Lies, damn lies or staggering incompetence

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John Abraham’s Critique Devastates the Florid Lord’s Denier Diatribe

Christopher Monckton, the self-celebrating Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, toured Canada and the U.S. last year calling the world’s best climate scientists and activists “liars” for setting out their concerns about the dangers of climate change. In his presentations and his PowerPoints, Monckton was graceless and taunting in tone, making fun of Al Gore’s accent along with his science. The record now shows that Monckton was also wrong - and frankly, wrong is such a way that he himself must be found to be either a flagrant and shameless liar or the most incompetent compiler of information since church scholars gathered to argue for the flatness of the earth.

The new critique was assembled by John P. Abraham, an engineering professor at St. Thomas University in St. Paul Minnesota. A diligent - even painstaking - researcher, Abraham is also unreservedly respectful in his own presentation, giving Monckton the benefit of every doubt.

The facts, however, are less accommodating. As Prof. Abraham demonstrates time and again, Monckton has consistently misinterpreted, misrepresented or flat-out lied about his “evidence” arguing against the theory of human-induced global warming. He has mangled references, misrepresented findings, cobbled together unattributed graphs and staked his case to critically compromised scholars.

Monckton has already revealed himself as someone whose capacity to be antisocial goes well beyond mere rudeness. This new presentation should be required viewing for anyone who regards him as even vaguely credible on climate science. Take the time: you will find he is anything but.

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Lord Monckton spoke in Calgary last year, invited by the Friends of Science (FoS). FoS had their annual dinner last week, where they handed out their latest denial statement. We have analysed its content similar to John P. Abraham, who analysed Moncktons content:

My bet is damn lies.

What a great destruction by Abraham. Very thorough and the best I’ve seen so far. I’m sure he can expect some sort of official complaint from Monkton in the near future. Thanks for posting.

Professor Abraham’s critique is far too generous. Monckton does precisely what he accuses Al Gore of doing: deliberate lying with a consistent agenda. His distortions and manipulations are not random or even simply biased and foolish. He is in full command of his deceptions. For example, first he mis-uses David Hathaway’s 2004 plot of sunspot activity to falsely claim support for his assertion that global warming is caused by increasing sunspot activity, THEN, he draws three equal and parallel trend lines on the IPCC’s world temperature chart and pretends that all three warming phases are exactly parallel, negating any sign of intensifying (anthropogenic) warming. These trend lines are entirely false. When the true linear regressions for his identified ‘warming phases’ are plotted they show intensity increasing by 70%, and duration by 100%, between the 186Os and the late 20th Century. The combined effect means that total warming increases by 340%. The parallel with accelerating CO2 rise is stark, but again, Monckton puts up a slide showing a small fragment of the Mauna Loa CO2 record from the late 20th Century, and announces that this record is LINEAR not rising. Once again, he emphasizes his point that there is no sign of the ‘intensification’ claimed by the ‘UN’ (Monckton’s pejorative synonym for the IPCC.)Thus Monckton tricks his unsuspecting audience into believing that he has debunked the AGW ‘myth’.
But it is when he gets into the area of vicious anti-UN propaganda that he becomes most dangerous. He asserts to his now bemused and uncritical audience, that he alone stands against the onslaught of the juggernaut of world domination by the ‘communistic’ greens from the old East Germany who have infiltrated the UN, and whose monstrous agenda is worse than that of George Bush’s “Axis of Evil”. He suggests, for example that it is the Greens who have starved the third world by demanding the conversion of corn syrup into ethanol to fuel their ‘giant SUVs’. He states quite falsely that the UN banned the use of DDT, deliberately allowing millions to die from malaria in order to satisfy green demands for ecological genocide.
At the same time accuses the greens of scaremongering about climate change in order to promote the sale of their books, renewable energy systems, etc, like any good capitalist would do.
If he was just being dismissed as a ridiculous crackpot he wouldn’t matter, but he is currently one of the principal advisors to the Republican Party. Representatives in the government of the most powerful and influential nation on Earth are voting on his advice!