Climate Change: A Real Expert's View

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Here is a precis of a presentation by University of Victoria Professor Andrew Weaver, the Canada Research Chair in Climate Modelling and Analysis. Weaver himself described this as a powerful summary in which the author, Rod Edwards, “expressed everything I tried to say … better han I actually did!”
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This is a great little article, and it’s a relief to see something out of Winnipeg that doesn’t have anything to do with Tim Ball! Perhaps the Geography Department at UofW could set up a debate between Weaver & Ball. That might settle the issue of “Canada’s first climatology PhD” once & for all.

Weaver is way too busy to debate someone like Ball – too busy doing science. I am convinced that one of the reasons the deniers have been so effective is that they have WAY too much time on their hands!

Exactly! They know they have no hope in hell of being published in peer-reviewed journals, so they try to derail the progress of true climate scientists.

As usual Stephen. I am actually working on a long piece right now on the history and the importance of the scientific method. If these deniers are so convinced, stop blathering in the media and get into a lab – that is how science works.

My tongue was in my cheek when I suggested a debate! I agree completely that Ball has far too much time on his hands – as do the deniers who appear to spend all day every day spewing insults and misinformation on the comment blogs (I am thinking mainly of the Globe & Mail). There comes a point that you just have to dismiss them as an annoyance and get on with it.

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