The Climate Change "Hoax" Hoax [Video]

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Some clever person used Xtranormal to create a great video addressing climate change denial and correcting common myths held by global warming skeptics. It sounds a lot like a Skeptical Science-inspired project, doesn't it? Whoever did it, our hats are off. Great work. 

Check it out: 

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but, been there, done that

Global Warming Panic Explained on Youtube

Hmmm, links not showing, so


“but, been there, done that Global Warming Panic Explained on Youtube”

Yeah, I remember that on your site. Nice one. Although it looks like the deniers saw that clip  and attempted to recreate it with their own memes, had you seen it? Gobsmaking stuff.

Full of every conspiracy theory you could imagine, with of course the main theme being it’s a  liberal hoax perpetuated by Al Gore.

Scary thing is……this guy “lectures” on environmental ethics.


Actually my video was made as a response to the one you cite, and yeah, it’s a horror.

Jim Tantillo blog roll reads like a best/worst of climate blogs, which superficially looks like “balance” unless you actually know any science and realize that 99% of the “skeptic” blogs have no scientific content.

So is he an outright Denier? or a closet Denier (“I’m Just Asking Questions” without any critical filtering).


“Actually my video was made as a response to the one you cite, and yeah, it’s a horror.”

Ahh ok, yeah now I see it & remember. You don’t post stories as much as you used to, why is that? Heavy work schedule?

“Jim Tantillo blog roll reads like a best/worst of climate blogs, which superficially looks like “balance” 

Ok, I didn’t see any balance whatsoever. It seemed very partisan to me.


Curious… But since ‘the Monckton Maneuver’… I’m getting a consistent, if not a lockstep responses from my usual ‘deniers’.  They are now all claiming the world is warming… but are trying all the side steps… How much is Human? Is it fossil fuels, and of course “The Science isn’t settled”.  Lets not forget Lintzen grabbign the wrong data and claiming NASA faked it.

Its only newbs that claim its not warming, and of course they are the ones getting caught out pointing to Watts Up With That.

Interestingly if you think about it, they have to change their tune.

La Nina El Ninos are ending, and our current solar minimum is ending (we with all those down forcings… temperature held).  This means that very shortly global temperature records are going to be broken.  They have to prepare their responses so they hold up under that scrutiny.

I hereby predict that when the next global heat wave hits their answer will be… “Its the solar cycle, Solar Energy is up this year… We’re only up .1C from 10 years ago, nothing to be alarmed about, etc.”

On another note about the Alberta Election we have “Dani The Denier” front and center.

Here’s three great ted talks I’d like to share;

Yep, good video. I’ve played around a bit with xtranormal myself. Its pretty cool, but a challenge to get the camera angles , facial expressions and gestures right. So yeah, good job.

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