Climate Chill Settles Over Fictional Straw Man

Here's a weird piece that suggests wild-eyed environmentalists are lying in wait to do violence to Dr. Richard Lindzen, one of the few climate change denying scientists who has a shred of credibility in the science community.

In this fictional letter to Lindzen, the imaginary author claims that there is a worldwide conspiracy to silence any scientist who would challenge the climate change consensus. The letter paints a picture of scientists as sheep (and not very smart sheep, at that), who read tea leaves in order to find out what kind of grant applications to submit.

If you were to believe this, there is no legitimate, peer-reviewed science being conducted anywhere on the planet; it's all driven by some privileged group with political ambitions to … well, I can't figure that part out.

It's scary, though.


hahah, nice find.  How did you come across this one?  There are a bunch of anarchocapitalists at a poker forum I visit that constantly reference the mises institute.  They are a retarded bunch.  Anything from the government is supported by theft and therefore evil.