Climate Cover Up Book Salon on Fire Dog Lake

Just finished a great two-hour book salon conversation over on one of the best blogs around, Fire Dog Lake.

Jane Hamsher, who runs FDL, is a big fan of DeSmogBlog on our new book Climate Cover Up and she was kind enough to host the event along with FDL administrator Bev W and salon host Tim Lambert from Deltoid blog.

You can check out the conversation here, and add your own comments and thoughts if you would like.

Thanks to Jane, Tim and Bev for hosting such an interesting conversation!


This just in from a denier on Digg

richmomz says:

ROFL, big oil and coal are some of the biggest benefactors of the whole “Green” movement!”

I’ll try not to laugh as I say this, but I’m sure you’ll agree that this completely undermines your book, Mr. Hoggan (which, by the way, I loved and reviewed on Amazon for the Vine program).