Climate Cover Up a top 5 bestselling science book in Canada has Climate Cover Up ranked in the top 5 bestselling science books in Canada right now!

Not a bad start. And like I said, we’re just getting warmed up!

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climate cover up bestseller

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I give you guys lots of credit. I just didn’t think of it being a site with substantial readership. Hey I’m wrong a lot. I’m what internet comments are all about - partially informed and developing opinions stated loudly.

Desmog Is huge! They have started their own religion. If you were to use a comparable like scientology, then Al gore would be the L Ron Hubbard and that would make Kevin Grandia the Tom Cruise of Climatology.

Al Gore is the Philosohical Intellect and Grandia is the sex appeal. Have you ever wondered why Global warming is the most popular with women 18 - 32?

What direction are we really taking? You want to follow the money:

“Finning-Shell deal sign of growing oilsands investment
Caterpillar dealership sells 16 mining trucks and tractors to oil company”
November 26, 2009
CBC News

“There was another sign Thursday of renewed investment in Alberta’s oilsands. Vancouver-based Finning International Inc. said it is selling seven Caterpillar mining trucks and nine tractors to Shell Canada Energy of Calgary.”

That does explain Caterpillar’s involvement in the Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to kill binding emission targets in Copenhagen, doesn’t it?

“The Chamber is the biggest spender among Washington lobbyists, shelling out $65 million in the first nine months of this year, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. That’s more than the combined total of the next three biggest spenders, Exxon Mobil Corp., the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and General Electric Co., which each spent about $20 million.”

It’s pretty difficult to reconcile a political platform that includes, on one hand, support for emissions cuts and renewable energy, and on the other, subsidies for tar sands and coal-to-gasoline projects. It’s at best a disjointed and self-contradictory approach - and at worst, it’s just greenwashing aimed at continuing with business as usual.

The two biggest privately-financed and state-backed fossil fuel projects in North America right now are Canadian tar sands and coal-to-gasoline projects. Liquefied natural gas plans might be third on that list. Development is going on under the guise of various public-private projects involving the DOE and major fossil fuel companies, in which billions in taxpayers subsidies are pumped into the coffers of private industry.

In comparison, renewable energy is getting very little - there is a $2 billion DOE FutureGen project, there is $18 billion in loan guarantees to build a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to Alberta for tar sand production, but for solar and wind? Electric cars?

In short, the current political leadership in both Canada and the U.S. don’t have a plan for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

Without such a plan, they’ll be unable to halt the growth of atmospheric CO2, and hence, global warming.