Climate Crock Live and Interactive With Peter Sinclair Tonight

I’m involved in a cool new project called Climate TV - it’s a live and interactive online television channel focusing on bringing the personalities, authors, filmmaker, pundits, policy experts, campaigners and politicians around the issue of climate change live to your computer where you can interact and ask questions in real time.

The premiere edition airs tonight (Thursday, March 25) on this Climate TV Channel at 6pm pacific, 9pm eastern time.

The show will feature Climate Crock of the Week video producer, Peter Sinclair.

We will be airing one of Sinclair’s recent Climate Crock Episodes and then there will be a live Q and A discussion with Peter afterward, where viewers can ask questions and add their thoughts to the conversation.

Here’s the video Peter will be airing and discussing live tonight. See you tonight!


Great video, great idea. I hope the launch goes well, and I hope the Q&A is fun! :-)

Looking forward to the archive version… The few minutes I could see looked great.

I will be sure to check in for the next one… you might want to solicit questions well beforehand.

Kevin, if you could pass along to Nicholas Miller that his email form post on the contact page does not work.