Climate Denial Crock of the Week/Mars Attacks Remixed

I’m remixing a number of the Climate Denial Crock of the Week videos, in order to address some comments viewers have had.

Number one, my sound mixing and quality have sometimes left something to be desired, and I’ve gotten some better equipment and more experience, so I can make them a lot easier to listen to.

Number two, people have asked for related URLs and sites they can go to, in order to follow up on arguments presented in the video, so I am doing that here.

The first-up remix is my debunking of the perennial denier favorite, ‘There’s Global Warming on Mars”, one of my favorites for content, and biggest embarrassments for sound….

Here are the supporting links.

“Climate Change on Mars”
“Pluto is warming”
Supposed warming on other planets
Uranus cooling

Related vid - Solar Schmolar
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I was heavily distracted during that video by my wife yakking about whatever - but I think I get the gist of it (video not wife)

the “hummers on mars” thing is fading out I think and yet climate change on other planets is at least a useful reminder that climates do change apart from man’s influence.

Who was forgetting?
Naturally, we are slated for _~20,000 years of lovely climate, like we had last century. But that is not what”s happening.

Could you redo the 1998 Revisited episode? If I set the volume so the music is at a reasonable but loud volume, your voice is almost inaudible. Your voice is also a little too quiet in Creepy At the EPA .

Much appreciated. I enjoyed the videos even though I knew the material. Will keep links on hand to provide to friends and colleagues.