Climate denier blog site to be crowned "Best Science Blog"

There once was a little known website fighting the so-called “global warming alarmism” being spread by that underground cabel of conspirators some of us call “scientists.” But the site was no longer little after the Matt Drudge, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity right wing echo machine got through with it.

Since it’s anointment, the Watt’s Up With That blog run by former TV weatherman Anthony Watts has become quite the sensation amongst the climate denial blog comment trolls. And now it seems that the site is about to win the award for “Best Science Blog” in this year’s Weblog Awards.

Has it seriously come to this? Are there really no blogs out there more worthy than one that spends its days trumpeting the likes of Junk Science as a reason we should ignore the dire warnings of climate scientists at the top science academies in the world?

There are lots of great science sites out there and there are some really good ones nominated along with Watt’s Up With That. I would like to think that this is simply a case of voter apathy. After all, these types of Web Awards always come down to who can pull the most votes.

So I’m putting this appeal out there.

Take a few minutes today - the polls close at 5pm EST today, January 13th - and cast your vote by clicking here.

Here’s some others that are in the running: The controversial crusader against Intelligent Design, PZ Myers is running a close second to Watts, so the strategic vote would obviously go to PZ. Also check out Real Climate run by practicing scientists at NASA.

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All it means is that the deniers have a whole lot of time on their hands to diddle around with meaningless polls.  Any contest that allows people to vote more than once is no real indication of merit, and when I see Climate Audit and Real Climate together in the same category all I can do is shake my head in disbelief.  Of course I have cast a vote, but only one – and if “Watts up with that” wins this thing I won’t lose any sleep.  Think of it as a blogospere daycare centre for trolls.  They can play together while the grownups get down to work. 

Rightwingers have a long history of freeping polls, that is, swarming a poll and casting many votes and rendering the poll useless. Then the poor illogical dears cite the same meaningless poll results as proof that their views are shared by many people.