Climate Denier Marc Morano Praises "George W. Obama" at COP17

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If the jury was still out on President Barack Obama's climate policy accolades (a huge “if”), consider the verdict now in, and from a surprising character at that: Marc Morano.

Morano jubilantly referred to the President as “George W. Obama” in an interview with Democracy Nowhost Amy Goodman at COP17, stating: 

They [the Obama administration] have kept the exact same principles and negotiating stance as President George Bush did for eight years. Obama has carried on Bush’s legacy. So as skeptics, we tip our hat to President Obama in helping to crush and continuing to defeat the United Nations process. Obama has been a great friend of global warming skeptics at these conferences.


"His Nickname Is George W. Obama": Leading Climate Change Denier Embraces US Stance at COP17

Morano is the executive director and chief correspondent of ClimateDepot, a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)—a conservative D.C. think-tank. The crew from CFACT, including Morano and “Lord” Christopher Monckton, parachuted onto the beaches of Durban earlier this week in a stunningly awkward stunt that didn't exactly make them look good.

Among other items on his resume, Morano worked as a producer for the Rush Limbaugh Television Show from 1992 to 1996 and is a regular speaker at the Heartland Institute’s annual International Conference on Climate Change. He is also listed on Heartland’s website as a “global warming expert.”

When a fossil fuel industry funded, science denying shill is ringing the praises of the President's climate negotiating stances and happily referring to him as “George W. Obama,” we are in a world of trouble. Things are not looking bright at the Durban proceedings, to say the least.

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there was a Bush / Obama picture morph I was trying to llink - never mind

I too must concur with Climate expert Marc Morano, Obama has been a middle of the road president. He has managed the cliamte file very well. He has pushed a few things for his radical base and governed to the middle, he will be very difficult to displace next election by the GOP.

Marc Morano is not a climate expert by any stretch of the imagination.  He is a man that opposes any form of climate change mitigation legislation, while proposing no alternative solution that would be acceptable to his views.  He doesn’t just attack the legislation, but he also goes after the scientific evidence and the scientists themselves.  He has no degree or training in climate science.  He has the same issues that many contrarians have in that he hates the legislation that is proposed and doesn’t offer any reasonable benchmark of evidence for which he would be satisfied in order to take action to mitigate climate change.

Climate expert Marc Morano’, indeed!

All Morano does, is just as you do, take quotes out of context. The malicious lies put about by the likes of Marano WRT the CRU emails for example have been repeatedly debunked. There is not one standing argument that undermines our understanding that climate is changing as the world warms and that the increase in atmospheric GHGs is largely responsible.

Morano is an expert is producing hot air as this video demonstrates:

If you watched it through then you would have heard that the most accurate statement from professor Watson comes right at the end as he indicates where Marono’s opinion comes from. Morano is another ‘climate criminal’.

But then you are just pulling our chains - no.

What exactly is a climate criminal? Morano has been around this file for long enough to gain insight and expertise, unquestionably making him one of the formost experts in this field. Morano bring a broad scope of analysis and expertise to this file that the public is truly greatful for. Since he is not an insider and paid to promote the AGW adgenda he speaks with a degree of credibility that is not afforded your average climate scientist whom is bought and paid for every week with government funds.

Probably the best thing about Morano is he speaks so passionately about climate science.

“Morano has been around this file for long enough to gain insight and expertise, unquestionably making him one of the formost experts”

Interesting. It’s imposible to find a peer reviewed climate science paper he has published that qualifies him as such. Maybe you could point us to one?

Like I’ve said before, Ralphs role is that of a troll. He spreads lies & smear. It would not be a surprise if he was a paid internet troll. Rarely any evidence. Frequent outlandish statements, the opposite of reality with most things.

He is a denier by every definition & a right wing political denier at that. He is not here to advance knowledge on the subject or debate anything. He is here for smear & derailment. His statements are pathetically easy to debunk, but he retains message discipline, even if it is out of this world. Unfortunately there are plenty of people out there that are gullible enough & susceptible to Ralph’s message. I imagine thats why he spins his spin.

1. Of or characterized by a highly developed or wide-ranging skill or proficiency.



[which you could have easily found for yourself, hmmm?]

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