Climate Prosperity: Canadian Government Launches Huge Campaign to Spin Global Warming as Good for Canada

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The Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has launched a huge Suncor-sponsored campaign to reframe climate change as a good thing for Canada’s economy.

In a joint project between the government’s National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy and the (in this case compromised) Royal Canadian Geographic Society, the Conservatives have introduced “Climate Prosperity,” on the face of it, a benign educational program that “lays out the physical effects of climate hange on Canada.”

But (points for transparency), the government also admits the thrust of the campaign on its tar-sands-funded  website:

“While the phrase ‘climate change’ is familiar to many — and a scientifically accepted phenomenon —  the phrase ‘climate prosperity’ is newer. It is a phrase the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy wants Canadians to embrace.”

Canada, which has been actively blocking international efforts to negotiate an extension or useful replacement for the Kyoto Protocol that would actually begin to deal with the threats of global warming, has a different plan. As NRTEE President and CEO David McLaughlin explains it: “Adapt and prosper will be increasingly central to Canadian governments, communities, and businesses as these effects become more and more evident.”

It is, perhaps, to the Conservatives’ good fortune that they have allies in Canada’s newly remade national newspaper, the Toronto Globe and Mail. For more than a week, the Globe has been rolling out a series of stories celebrating all the great benefits that will accrue to Canada in a climate changing world. On Saturday, Sept. 24, the paper began with a long John Allemang feature on the bright future that awaits Canada in 2050.  This past Saturday, Oct. 2, columnist Doug Saunders cheered on the news that the “Inuit of Greenland have weather on their side.” And today, John Ibbitson, who often seems to play the role of Prime Minister Harper’s unofficial press spokestser, cherry-picked his way through the NRTEE report to crow about “The Silver Lining in Climate Changes’s Clouds.” Kudos, then, to the Editorial page staff who, at lest urged, “Don’t Accentuate the Positive.”

It seems to be a message lost on the NRTEE. If you pick your way through its membership, through the collection of politicians and business people, you will, perhaps, not be surprised by the direction of the spin. The Round Table lacks any representation from science and, as environmentalists, must settle with the CEO of a biodeisel company, and the executive director of Environment Probe, “a public interest organization that promotes property rights and market mechanisms to protect the environment,” (appearing like a well-funded, green-cloaked business lobby to fight government regulation).

In defence of some of the actual material, if you look past what spin doctors like Ibbitson promote as the exciting bits - eg., an expansion in the Canadian cruise-ship industry and easier access to northern oil and gas - much of the rest of the material appears to be accurate, scientifically sound - and horrifying.

But let’s not concentrate on the negative, shall we. Let’s turn away from the rest of the disenfranchised world and embrace Climate Prosperity.

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What never ceases to amaze me is the way people continue to cite access to oil and gas reserves in the north as a POSITIVE aspect of climate change. Am I missing something? Will this not convert untold trillions of tons of safely stored CO2 into GREENHOUSE GASES floating freely in the atmosphere to do what CO2 does best????

This “I’m alright, Jack” attitude assumes that what happens in the rest of the world will have no impact on us, that mass migrations won’t end up on our doorstep, or that Canadians have no responsibilities as citizens of the world to address the negative impact of climate change elsewhere.

And now I hear they are trying to quantify the economic value of polar bears.

I will retire to Bedlam. Fern

Environment Probe ( has a prominent link to Energy Probe on its website.
Energy probe is a Canadian global-warming-denying, anti-science, anti-nuclear collection of wing-nuts.

Criticism of the NRTEE/RCGS report:

And the Government of Harper is cutting back on StatsCan, including environmental stats:

hey Richard, Thanks for bringing my attention to this. As a photographer who has worked for Canadian Geographic it was an unpleasant surprise. I wrote a letter to the editor about it. Viewable at