Coal Industry Coloring Book Spins "Clean Coal" for Kids

Someone just sent one of the most ridiculous pieces of propaganda the coal lobby has produced to date.

Put out by the West Virginia Coal Association and their Friends of Coal front group, the “Let’s Learn About Coal” coloring book, pretty much speaks for itself:

clean coal lobby coloring book

This coloring book is just dying to be edited and mashed, so fire up your photoshop and the best three “new versions” of this get a free copy of our new book Climate Cover Up.

You can download a full copy of the coloring book here: “Let’s Learn About Coal.”

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Two things come immediately to mind:

1) The fuss that was made about Obama wanting to “indoctrinate children into his socialist agenda” when he announced he was going to speak to them on the first day of school,

and 2) the little girl in the colouring book is a rip-off of Dr Seuss’s “Cindy-Lou Who”

Of course you know that schools all over America are taking time to memorize Obama’s speeches, sing religious hymns to Obama (actual religious hymns re-written for the annointed one) and sing and rap songs of religious praise to the man.

Wow - can you say North Korea.

In that worshipful environment, and that is exactly what is going on with these most impressionable minds, bringing Obama into the class with any speech and in any context serves only to bolster the whole unwholesome mess.

Additional question: Why is it okay for a class to sing a rewritten hymn to Obama and at the same time totally unacceptable to sing the hymn in it’s original version?

answer - because the original hymn is the wrong religion

relates to Fern’s comment - thats why it’s a reply

….. and the whole Obama theatrical spectacle has a downside that does relate to coal.

When Obama sets himself up in the weird way that he does, it results in a backlash against all his favorite causes including AGW and anti coal rhetoric.

So, granted coal is bad but that’s also Obama’s message and the messiah complex thing works against that message in certain quarters.

The problem is with the American system of government. You have the same person acting as your head of state and your top politician, so you end up treating the man like a celebrity instead of an employee. In Canada our head of state is the Queen who is nice and distant and can be ignored or celebrated by Canadians, while our top politician is just a politician whom nobody expects to be a messiah.

Actually I suspect RickJames might be having a problem with the Separation of Church and State – among other things…

Anyway, I have problems with Obama – he compromises a little too easily with extremists, for instance. And personally I think that Hansen’s revenue neutral carbon tax and consumer rebate approach is better than caps: it would actually put more money in the pockets of consumers. But there are times when Obama’s speeches begin to approach “I have a Dream.”

I just watched Micheal Moore’s documentary about health care in America. It shows how far superior the health care in Canada is compared to America. Now they want teach kids about coal, they show teach kids how to plant more trees to save our planet from pollution.
Plant a tree today.

- Janithesis

I was skeptical at first of your (2) “the little girl in the colouring book is a rip-off of Dr Seuss’ ‘Cindy-Lou Who’,” but I did a search:

Cindy-Lou Who

I’d say that is a dead-ringer…

ok, the coloring book is stupid and the complaints about obama giving a school address were stupid. But once again, we have to use coal. At least the coal industry is trying to clean the coal in the first place. Also, you do realize Console Energy is building the Penguin’s new arena in Pittsburgh? I’m telling you, do not demonize coal on the East coast in places like WV and Pennsylvania because coal is providing a lot of jobs.

How many? I have heard most of the jobs are low paying and that while coal production continues to rise, coal jobs continue to get cut.

Kevin, I do not have a number. What I can tell you is that Pickens was supposed to create the largest wind farm in the U.S. in Texas, and that idea went down the tank. Then, we were gonna build a big solar station in the Mojavi Dessert, and then that went down the tank. So I would say there are many more jobs in the coal industry and I think it is creating jobs.

I have the numbers. Coal production continues to grow and jobs continue to bleed.

The coal, oil, and natural gas industries require steadily fewer jobs as high-cost production equipment takes the place of human capital. Many hundreds of thousands of coal mining jobs have been shed in China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and South Africa during the last two decades, sometimes in the face of expanding production. In the United States alone, coal industry employment has fallen by half in the last 20 years, despite a one-third increase in production.”

Link to full report:

Mountain top removal and the mechanization of the process means more coal, less jobs.

Coal will become a big part of America’s energy independance plan for the future. From the brochures you posted it is quite obvious that clean coal is clean, full of energy and good for the environment as well as for providing secure energy for America.

I would also suggest that Canada put out similar brochures for the Oil sands in Alberta as they are also clean energy, that will be vital in regards to domestic security.

Very informative, I will have to thank my local utility company for using Clean coal, rather than Dirty solar or bird killing windpower.

that Ralph is being ironic.

If not, I hope he/she soon starts to post something of substance to support his position. For myself, I can’t see any way to respond to this kind of absurdity, so I will continue to wait …

“At least the coal industry is trying to clean the coal in the first place.”

They shouldn’t even try to clean coal; it’s like black all the way through and even after you wipe it and wipe it with a wet cloth it’s still all dirty. No matter how many cloths you use they all end up dirty. If they want to clean something they should clean marble; it comes out great.

the only way the term “clean coal” would make any sense to me is if they remove pollutants from the emissions. If they figure out how to stop putting mercury and whatever else into the air then they can talk about clean.

off topic: you know what would be really interesting with these +/- ratings is if you could mouse over the rating and get an info box showing who rated your comment + or -. Accountability and all that.

Solar has been pumped by those of the global warming faith although the true toxic impacts the solar industry has on our environment are plain for all to see. The Manufacture of photovoltaic cells requires toxic metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium and this invariably produces carbon dioxide, which if you are a believer will contribute to global warming. Not to mention the minining and refining of these metals.

According to global warming dogma the real damaging effects of solar panels are in the fact that they are a heat trap, roasting the earth with every ray of light they capture. Instead of just bouncing off the ground and back into space this heat is trapped here on earth! Cooking our grandchildren and melting the icecaps. Talk about tipping points, my friends.

If one we’re to actually be smart economically and examine the math a solar panel will never, ever pay for itself. What better way to create a market for useless technology like a photovoltaic array than to keep pumping the global warming myth?

In the end financialy and environmentally are much better off to use a safe secure supply of energy like clean coal or clean oilsands oil!

Follow the global warming money and it always leads you to the real climate villains like Dirty Solar.

I suppose thermal solar (mirrors) is evil too in some way that you haven’t explained yet. I wait with great anticipation.

Why does the answer have to be “no” to carbon? Hey maybe somebody can figure out how to make it work.

You take the coal - burn it - remove pollutants from the emmisions, remove CO2 from the emmission and figure out how to react the CO2 into something useful. Hey why not?

What are we paying these scientists for? graph making? - get on the case science dudes!

You are aware that there ARE methods to remove CO2 from coal burning? Problem is, they are costly, and would possibly double the costs of making electricity using coal. You won’t see a private company focusing on making as much profit as possible willingly install such installations.

I don’t know about those numbers. The premise doesnt make sense. If production efficiency increased, that means more coal is being supplied. And we agree that coal production has increased so that means more jobs in transportation and more jobs in communication.

mechanization and efficiency can mean fewer jobs for coal, but thats a good thing. Coal mining is ugly miserable work. Let the machines do it and let people do better things.

Here’s how it works. Big Coal becomes more efficient, Big coal gets rich and Big coal starts throwing their money around on such endeavors as PR and kids coloring books and what not.

PR guys and illustrators get jobs! And PR jobs are 1000 times better than coal mining jobs.

then the illustrator rips off Dr Seuss and that gives copyright lawyers a job and then the copyright lawyer hires the former coal miner to clean his pool. It’s all very elegant and in the end money = jobs.

I think this is one of the most insidious pieces of manipulation I’ve seen - especially the word search on page 15. Can’t wait to see the “revised” versions:)

Looks just as odious as the tobacco industry trying to get kids and teens hooked on cigarettes early. The people of the coal industry ought to be ashamed of themselves. Disgusting.