Coming Soon To A Planet Near You: Frankenworld!

There is now “no doubt” that some of the effects of human-induced climate change could be offset with engineering fixes, according to David Keith, an expert on climate and energy at the University of Calgary.  But what action should be taken, based on this knowledge? That was one of the knotty questions he and other experts wrestled with at a two-day conference that ended in Cambridge, Mass. 


8th December is the Global Day of Action on Climate Change. In Athens, Greece, the Panattic Network of Urban Movements and Active Citizens is organizing a demonstration in Syntagma Square. Similar functions should be organized everywhere in Greece, as is occurring abroad. Because in Athens supporters of the ENOURANOIS website are among the organizers there is hope that for the first time the self-evident message will be heard that THERE CANNOT BE DISCUSSION OF CLIMATE CHANGE WITHOUT DISCUSSION OF THE AERIAL SPRAYING, which according to indications from scientific sources may partly comprise a supposed ‘answer’ to the phenomenon of
climate change.

The veil of silence which covers this spraying is probably due not only to its illegality but also to the fact that it is impossible to legalize, given the inability of governments to persuade public opinion that deliberate pollution could be a ‘solution’ to any problem.

Because governments are clearly unable to confront their own citizens honestly and with self-respect, they resort to idiot slyness and every kind of trickery. Behind the scenes the ‘sceptic’ lobby still has the upper hand. MANY TIMES WE SEE THE SAME PEOPLE PLAYING THESCEPTICIN RELATION TO THE SERIOUSNESS AND EVEN THE REALITY OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND ASSERTING THAT IF THERE WERE (OR SHOULD BE IN FUTURE) A PROBLEM OF CLIMATE CHANGE, ‘GEOENGINEERING’ (i.e. spraying with toxic aerosols) WOULD BE THE MOST SUITABLE AND MOST ECONOMICALLY VIABLE SOLUTION.
(see Edward Teller’s ‘Sunscreen for Planet Earth’):

Unfortunately the existing political system and the people who serve it are not in a position to get us out of this mesh of contradictions. Even a politician with an otherwise good reputation on environmental issues, European Union Environmental Commissioner Stavros Dimas, is a hostage of the overall situation. He is obliged to lie.

The solution is in the hands of the citizens. We must emphatically DEMAND FULL TRANSPARENCY ON THE SUBJECT OFGEOENGINEERINGPROGRAMMES, INCLUDING THE AERIAL SPRAYING. If governments refuse to give it to us we will secure it ourselves, without asking permission.

Footnote: Because it is probable that the aerial spraying is also serving military objectives it is unacceptable that the subject continues to be ignored by the anti-war movements.

Why aren’t we getting more support from the climate change movement, and from Ross Gelbspan, say, for what we are trying to do. Gelbspan and everyone else knows that Frankenworld is not “coming soon”. Do we have to keep waging this fight without resources, with the mainstream of the climate change movement continuing to play dumb and act like idiots?

Wayne, I know it’s hard to take a deep breath and explain slowly when it feels like time is on the verge of running out. But I don’t know who “we” is. I don’t know who, exactly, you are fighting (you have a lot of vague references to lobbies and politicians). A lot of capitalization and insults won’t convert the “mainstream of the climate change movement” (whatever that is). What exactly are you proposing? As far as I know, the recent meeting was one of the first large climate change geoengineering conferences. It happened, the results were public, and Gelbspan is passing that information along.