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A few mill to launch, but hey, only about $25,000 for us to research the heck out of this thing, pressure congress and others to pay for it themselves!

Can’t they just crush the satellite? I’ve heard prices for scrap metal are pretty good nowadays. ;)

It’s a really small satellite - only stand about 10 ft. high. Probably not worth much as scrap. Better to send it to space.

Visiting the NASA site, it says the satellite’s status is TBD, to be determined. It probably will be launched sometime in the future.

5 years in a box at $1 million a year in storage costs and no sign yet. I think the current administration would like this to slip quietly into the night. 

It will probably be launched at some time Kevin.

After the loss of the shuttle Columbia, NASA also said they would never send another shuttle to the Hubble telescope either. Even though there was $250 million dollars worth of parts to repair and upgrade the telescope, it was decided to let the Hubble fade away.

Now, several years later, NASA has decided to send one more mission to the Hubble in September 2008. So I wouldn’t give up hope on the DSCOVR craft yet; it’s time will probably still come. Regards,

Drupal allows Categories, right? Will there be a single URL I can use to view all “Operation Uncover DSCOVR” DeSmogBlog posts?

So a slick Vancouver PR firm is soliciting charitable donations for itself.


And what is the worthy cause? To “pressure” congress to launch a satellite (spewing tons and tons of evil greenhouse gasses in the process). I wonder if it has ocurred to them how likely a foreign government will care about what a Vancouver PR company has to say.

Oh, sure. It all sounds pretty far-fetched, but never mind that. This is no time for doubt, people! That’s just playiing right into the hands of the Deniaralist Conspiracy. Just send money. Operators are standing by.