National Post Attack on Gore a Last Gasp from Some Sore Losers

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The fading National Post chose sides today: in a snarling attack on the Nobel Committee decision to award a Peace Prize to Al Gore, The Post went on to condemn other Nobel recipients, dismissing the work of Mother Teresa, the goals of nuclear disarmament and the heroism of UN peacekeepers - among whom Canadian soldiers have always played a major role.

Which leaves me wondering: has Post business editor Terence Corcoran finally and completely taken leave of his senses? I mean, I can understand someone debating the lifetime record of a Nobel Prize winner like Yasser Arafat, but how can Corcoran dismiss as “obscure and absurd” the work of UNICEF or the (Canadian-led) activists who forged the international land mines agreement?

The Post, which seems as hostile to science as it does to Al Gore, also devoted nearly a full page to a two-day-old story about a UK court case that - the Post would have you believe - was critical of Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth. In this, the Post finds that the truth is no inconvenience whatsoever. Instead, it freely misrepresents the fact that the judgment was a resounding vindication of the movie.

Any fair or forthright coverage of the court case would note:

1. That a suspiciously well-financed bus-driver named Stewart Dimmock brought the suit in an effort to block the showing of An Inconvenient Truth in U.K. schools on the grounds that the movie was biased and inaccurate; and

2. That the judge rejected Dimmock's position out of hand. He called the movie “broadly accurate” and endorsed its availability to school age children.

Terence Corcoran has been fighting for more than a decade to keep climate science out of Canadian newspapers. He has been working, tirelessly and, for a while, effectively, to keep readers confused. But ultimately, he has failed. The science, according to the (Nobel Prize-winning) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is “unequivocal.” And, at Angus Reid's last count, 77 per cent of Canadians have accepted that humans are affecting our climate in a dangerous way.

The Post, apparently, is content to talk only to whomever is left over - even if that conversation deteriorates into a rant against every good cause the Nobel Peace Prize committee has lauded in the last two decades.

We have talked before on the DeSmogBlog about the dinosaurs who still walked the earth in the days after the meteor strike that finally ensured their extinction. Given the intelligence of dinosaurs, most of them probably didn't know that they were the last revellers in a party that was well and truly over.

Terence Corcoran and the other leading lights at the The National Post may actually understand their current status. They may be smarter than your average dinosaur. Or maybe not. But their time in the sun is running out fast.

Sorry Terry, but you'll have to face one more inconvenient truth: in any contest with you on one side and Mother Teresa and Al Gore on the other, Al Gore wins.

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Hoggan’s attempt at associating Al Gore with Mother Teresa isn’t so far off:

“Earlier in the day, young international volunteers had giggled as one told how a young boy had peed on her while strapped to a bed. I had already been told of an older disturbed woman tied to a tree at another Missionaries of Charity home. At the orphanage, few of the volunteers batted an eyelid at disabled children being tied up. They were too intoxicated with the myth of Mother Teresa and drunk on their own philanthropy to see that such treatment of children was inhumane and degrading.”

Sound like anyone we know?

Corcoran goes way over the line in the column – slams Mother Teresa, UNICEF, people trying to de-activate landmines that blow children to shreds everyday, makes me shameful of being Canadian.

The national post is a Canwest newspaper - the same ones that bring us the Vancouver Sun, Global News etc, they should be held accountable for allowing this vitriol to be spread, what a joke.

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I have read your article for a several times and I was impressed by it! It was very interesting so I shared it with my friends. Hope they will like it too

Rescuing and rewarding the obscure and the absurd has been a Nobel sideline for some years. The award has gone to half a dozen fringe movements and futile causes (the Gameen bank, Mother Teresa, nuclear disarmament, land mine activists…” Desperate words from a callous, and uncaring man. Land mine activists “obscure and absurd.” Tell me Corcoran, how “obscure and absurd” is this?


You're a small, pathetic man, that does not deserve to edit a national newspaper.

You could say that he has raised awareness of a different kind of mine, or rather ticking time bomb, that has huge potential to destabilize the world in all kinds of ways.

So the correct answer is still zero.

“So the correct answer is still zero.”

The same number of landmines that Mother Theresa has defused. I guess that is another thing Mother Theresa and Al Gore have in common.

And how many lepers have been cared for – even with misguided calousness by Al Gore?

Again: zero.

Nope, Gore received a Nobel “Peace” prize on the basis of flying around in private jets, and giving a Powerpoint slideshow at $250+ per ticket. A true salt of the earth. Maybe he should be canonized too?

No, it’s because he’s raised the general awareness that we are in an environmental crisis; especially in the United States, which is very poorly served by its media, as well as being infested with lying denialists like yourself, Rob. How’s your rightwing political blog going, Rob? It’s not likely to win any prizes.

Which is exactly the same number of peer-reviewed articles which have refuted AGW. ZERO! But, I guess that suits you well as you have supplied absolutely ZERO scientific discussion to this blog.

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Don’t believe every thing u read. Mother Teresa started work with people with leprosy (let see Al G do that, or anybody) and then she did missionary work.

All the under cover work Donal MacIntyre talks about, he fails to mention that that was in India, things r a bit different there…cultural shock!!! may be. And his choice of words in that article exaggerates what really happen there. I have been there and its not as bad as he makes it sound.

Donal MacIntyre is writing about Mother Teresa what The Post is writing about Al Gore. Donal is a bit over the edge. peace.

In his “editorial” Corocoran states: “Rescuing and rewarding the obscure and the absurd has been a Nobel sideline for some years. The award has gone to half a dozen fringe movements and futile causes (the Gameen bank, Mother Teresa, nuclear disarmament, land mine activists…”

Tell me does, disarming landmines look like a fringe movement to you?

Does that look like something that is a fringe movement. This guy should be fired!!

… I called the exercize of Mr. Corcoran and that of three other columns overall who were published the same day) “junk journalism” ( ).

Well, Gore is an idiot, how do you discredit an idiot?

I sometimes wish that someone other than Mr Gore had done the commentary on An Inconvient Truth.I personally tend to like Mr Gore, but far too many others, who dislike him for one reason or another, are “shooting” the messenger before they hear the message.
On the other hand….Terence Corcoran is an idiot and I’ve known that for some time.

I tend to have the feeling that no matter who the messanger is the response would be the same. The denier croud, mostly right wing think tanks and oil funded politicos goal is to delay action as long as possible. They of course do this by making as much noise, confusing non scientists and regular folks who are likely to buy into their ideoligical driven fist shaking (see Rob, Zog or John Dowell)with the ultimate intention to delay action (not provide funding for actual scientific research mind you)……the messanger is unimportant…..

“ideoligical driven fist shaking (see Rob, Zog or John Dowell)” Are those guys being paid to post and re-post their dreary, depressing, denialist nonsense? What a soul-destroying job!

Course they are not, which is to bad for them if they were better at it some think tank would pick them up and pay them. Course that wouldnt be the first people to sell out ones soul, or destroy ones soul for money, likely wouldnt be the last either. I do my job for money but at least I get to study something about the arctic.

“……the messanger[sic] is unimportant…..”

Except, of course, if you believe the messenger dares to contradict your theology, and then suddenly this becomes so vitally important to you, as to completely ignore the content of their message. I.E., anyone disputing your claims is automatically subjected to ad hominem attacks, and is in the pay of “big oil”, etc., etc.


The messanger is unimportant, because it wouldnt matter who it was they would be attacked by deniers, that was my point…..Gore, myself, guy who lives next door, the whom ever it was they would fall victom to the ideological driven think tanks and corporate interests. Who are climate change deniers that dont work or are associated with said groups, they are few and far between. Bottom line though, when it comes to science, I listen to the peer reviewed literature. Plus since ideological think tanks and oil funded groups dont actually publish any peer reviewed science, its easy to ignore them as they dont actually do any science.

For obligingly demonstrating my point!

it’s people like you that are the confusing ones. Al Gore gets money from organizations that believe in global warming. The scientists that are your “bad guys” are funded by oil companies. By your statement, we should disregard everything he says because he too is funded by corporations that have their interests at heart. Also, when Al Gore gives up his 10,000 Sq. Ft. mansion then maybe I will listen to him. He can live in either his 4,000 Sq. Ft. home or his other one thats…ah can’t remember, but you get the point right? Al Gore has done NOTHING on the scale of Mother Theresa and gets a Nobel Peace prize for telling people about a theory, wheres the peace?

I’ll refer you to this statement I made since it seems you missed it entirely.

“Bottom line though, when it comes to science, I listen to the peer reviewed literature.”

Gore does a fair job at reporting on that literature….by he isnt my primary source. Don’t really care much of what he does, or lives, I care more about how I live and what I can do. There’s the peace.

The Oct 13 National Post article adds powerful new material to the hyper-skeptics’ list of arguments against the physics and meteorology of greenhouse gases. They are quickly gaining ground against the deluded fakers who fill the Universities and research labs of the world. Now we can add Argument 4 to the list:

4) Banking to remedy poverty, health for the poor, nuclear disarmament, land mine reductions and activists, peace negotiations are “fringe movements and futile causes”, and they got awards, and Al Gore got an award, so therefore Al Gore is also irrelevant. (A team of logicians are currently in their 3rd day of pulling their hair out, attempting to refute this argument.)

This deduction is added to the two main, and so far unassailable, arguments denying anthropogenic contributions to global warming:

1) Gore is fat.

2) Gore has a big house.

and the recent work of genius from T.Ball’s latest publication:

3) Osama believes in global warming.

All the researchers and climatological scientific societies can do now, is surrender to the truths unfolding from the armchairs of the gifted.

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perusing the comments, I had no idea that so many people were totally wacko. I can imagine a planet where only the insane ones (those who trash Mother Theresa, Mohammad Yurus (Gameen Bank, and Al Gore for examples) … those wacko people can sit and babble among themselves, thinking they are in heaven. Still, some doen to earth people here are working to improve the earth’s chances for
survival and quality living, if man doesn’t destroy it first. I do not know who is the bigger dope - Corcoran or his flying monkeys.

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