Move over climate change, look out wind power

The Bizarre Dance of Wind Power: local opponents and right-wing think tanks is a well researched piece by Erik Curren at the Augusta Free Press.

Curren provides a somewhat disturbing portrayal of the oil money backed US “think” tanks refocussing their efforts away from climate change and on to wind power and renewable energy.


I think we should check weather our solutions don’t do more harm to the situation. And we must remember that it’s us that lead climate to change. We disconsidered nature and we are now paying the price. Look at the past 150 and the stages that the climate went through. Look at the wars we fought. I think is great that more and more scientist, journalists, even just readers are into looking for the causes of climate change. I recommend reading some parts of the Booklet on Naval War changes Climate, written by Arnd Bernaerts, at

I wonder if this has anything to do with U.K.’s conservative party leader David Cameron advocating renewable energy. this is from a recent speech:

Local councils have a vital part to play in delivering a low carbon future.

We need to waste less energy; to generate more energy locally, and to generate more energy from renewable sources.

Local authorities can make it happen, and I want to give you all the encouragement and help you need.

The more bizarre dance is that of some environmentalists and big-energy industrialists like GE and Shell in promoting sprawling development in wild and rural areas and in trying to sideline people’s concerns as “NIMBY.”

Wind power is potentially only a very small provider of electricity. It has and will have no effect at all on global warming. Its elusive benefits are easily outweighed by its own many negative impacts.

Your statments are pretty hard to swallow when you see recent announcements  from massive petroleum companies like BP spending millions on new wind technology.

They become even more unbelievable when you read reports stating:

U.S. power producers plan to spend more than $4 billion this year to install a record 3,000 megawatts of wind turbines, enough to supply about 600,000 homes.”

Tell me, if the technology is there and it works, why would you want to stick with coal and oil? It makes no economic sense.