Monckton, global warming, UFO's and time travel

It seems that British Aristocrat and self-appointed global warming expert, Christopher Monckton, has found a publication worthy of his theories. Tim Lambert, who runs the ever-great Deltoid blog, is reporting that Monckton's global warming junk science has been published in Nexus magazine, alongside an article about the “Shadow government's UFO agenda” and one on the “Anglo-American-Zionist” 9/11 terrorist plot.


Kevin Grandia’s ridicule of Christopher Monckton’s publishing his climate change debunking theories in the conspiracy magazine Nexus is not an approach that is going to weaken or defeat people like Monckton. The Nexus-type magazines operate in a market, and this market has now picked up a considerable clientele of people who should be coming to DeSmogblog and similar sources for their information, not going to flying saucer magazines. Why do they read such magazines? Because Nexus writes about subjects that WE should be writing about. Take the subject of geoengineering. Look at this Engineering the Planet David W. Keith Forthcoming in “Climate Change Science and Policy” Steven Schneider and Mike Mastrandrea editors, to be published by Island Press. University of Calgary, ISEEE: Energy & Environmental Systems Group. [email protected], 412-268-2678 The “geoengineering” approach to climate change, the approach that looks to “mitigation” rather than reduction of dependence on fossil fuels is an approach that is being discussed among scientists but hardly at all among climate change activists. It IS however being discussed in magazines like Nexus, to some extent in a manner that is not conducive to clarity. This provides a window of opportunity for the Moncktons, who WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO OPEN THEIR MOUTHS if it were widely known that ideas of the kind proposed by Keith are being seriously discussed, and (according to Nexus and many others) not only discussed but also implemented. Just imagine that the nuclear power lobby should move away from its present policy of representing nuclear power stations as beneficial to a policy of building nuclear power stations while denying that it is doing so. Would opponents of nuclear power just keep arguing that “nuclear power is not the answer”, while remaining silent about the fact that the non-answer is being implemented secretly everywhere as “the answer”. This is precisely what the situation is with climate change and geoengineering and it is the reason why people like Monckton can still command an audience, while climate change activists are frequently distrusted. It would be nice to think that the climate change movement represents the solution rather than merely one aspect of a wider problem, (the other aspect being the climate change deniers) but this is not the case. The two groups are the two poles of a “divide and rule! atrategy, which DeSmogBlog is unfortunately promoting, not challenging.