NASA Chief Finds Support on Yet Another (Skeptics') Front

NASA's top administrator, Michael Griffin, speaking on NPR radio made some refreshingly sensible comments about the present global warming scare,” said Robert Ferguson, Director of the Science and Public Policy Institute. “Many rationalist scientists agree with him, clearly demonstrating there is no scientific consensus on man-made, catastrophic global warming,” said Ferguson.

The article, which also quotes Pat Michaels, Tim Ball, Robert Carter and other longtime skeptics, omits Ferguson's e-address: [email protected]. The “FF” in this case stands for Frontiers of Freedom, a longtime ExxonMobil-funded haven for footsoldiers in the disinformation war.


Robert Ferguson received an email today, and I thought I might share it with you all… - Dear Robert, I hope you are having a good day. No doubt you are receiving a few emails right now, and if so I apologize for adding to it. However, I understand that you are a member of the Frontiers of Freedom which is essentially a propaganda arm of the Exxon corporation. Furthermore, I understand that you are attempting to cloud the issue of greenhouse emissions, and that, at least indirectly, you will be contributing to the deaths of at least hundreds of millions of people and more likely upwards of a billion people in this century alone. I wished to express my displeasure - and along with many others, the desire to expose you for what you are doing. Wishing you the best, Tim

Ooooh, snap!

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Good expose by the Pulitzer (well, almost) Desmogger winner. We should only be reading material from totally unbiased sources like Anything reported or reproduced by any other source is just denieralistism propaganda. In Desmog We Trust!

OK so Mr Ferguson sends out a press release in the name of the “Science and Public Policy Institute,” an organisation which doesn’t actually appear to exist - not any more at least. When it did it was something to do with public health.
As Ross points out, Ferguson indeed works for the Frontiers of Freedom.
He is the Executive Director of the FF’s Centre for Science and Public Policy - and has been for quite some time, possibly since it was launched in 2002 after getting a $100,000 grant from ExxonMobil. (It’s had $210,000 since.)
You’d think that being the Executive Director he’d at least get the name of his organisation right. one has to ask: what is he trying to hide?

Like a fictional international con man who has 20 passports; he’s bound to forget which name he’s using at the moment.

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My post about the World Bank loaning India $450 million to build a new coal-fired power plant prompted a DeSmog reader to ask if I’m “against the idea of a plant that has less pollution than previous ones?”

I’m not opposed to a less-polluting plant. As a committed opponent of global warming and greenhouse-gas emissions, I’m certainly in favor of reducing pollution.

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