Jim Hoggan at UWO

Continuing with his speaking tour, Jim speaks today at the University of Western Ontario, in London, ON.

Western is a great university, with a highly regarded business school that pumps a lot of Canada's top executives out into the world. That's why I'm delighted that he's bringing the DeSmogBlog message to Western – because if we're going to bring about the change we need in this world, we need the leaders of the business community on-side. I hope that the ripples from this talk, and from our work with this site, trickle out and start to make people think differently.

Special thanks go to Amanda Grzyb in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies for organizing this event. We hope to see some readers there!


“Western is a great university”

…….well, maybe.  ‘Mediocre’ would be a better descriptor in North American terms. However, UWO does do a great job of convincing its graduates that is a fine school. 

…as for the business  school; perhaps it is as good as any other, but MBA schools are basically training grounds for psychopaths. Better if business schools were sent off on their own, I would think.

And just who is Jim Hogan BTW?

You should put down your copy of The Corporation and read Jim’s Manifesto. You’ll find that he’s a PR guy with a conscience, and you’ve already discovered his blog.

What should be of note is that the demographics of Western’s Biz School (now called Ivey) has changed significantly over the past 15 yrs. I think upwards of 40% + are now foreign students - many from China and India, so this type of initiative is important in getting the message out.