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This feature piece appeared in the Edmonton Journal on the weekend outlining the more-questionable-by-the day “Friends” of Science and their efforts to sow doubt about the realities of climate change.


Great article and even better research by you guys to dig that up. I’d like to see the Calgary Herald step up and print an article like that.

Thanks. The writer, Sheila Pratt, normally has her pieces picked up by the Calgary Herald, so we’ll see. But we’re not going to hold our breath!

It’s not Calgary, but Pratt’s story was picked up by the Regina Leader Post:

Times Colonist in Victoria, B, ran the Pratt column too:


In the Calgary Herald?  No, it was not picked up in the Calgary Herald.  Around the time of Pratt’s article, “Group sowing confusion about global warming” (Sheila Pratt, The Edmonton, August 22, 2006), and the Globe and Mail article by Charles Montgomery, the Carlgary Herald’s contribution to the climate change science was to print a note crediting T. Ball for having “32” publications in research on climate change and atmosphere, and criticizing me for saying that T. Ball’s work does not show evidence of research regarding this topic . (I was writing in response to a previously published article in the Calgary that basically an attack by T. Ball on climate change research and environmentalists who care about it.) As near as I can figure from the CV Ball sent me (I receive a lot of CV’s, which we all known are routine to distribute as public records, but must adhere to certain rules), he has 4 scientific articles, all published before the mid-90’s, one on geese and several on historical temperature.  There are a few other science-related topic articles.  I see no evidence of recent findings; any scientist or researcher knows what we mean by new findings, data and scientific publication (i.e., not just opinion, derision or personal attacks, such as I have heard him make in talks).  To make 4 into 32, one would have to count all kinds of reports, such as to meetings, opinion pieces, talks, abstracts, etc. The Calgary Herald was apparently fine with their publication of a statement that counts Ball’s time in grad school, etc., as “Professor”, first PhD in Climatology in Canada, etc., and did not correct their claims of his grand position in science and academia. I didn’t mention that he does NOT have the Doctor of Science that he claims - I was only asking is he speaking from a position of research or not - as simple as that.

I’m told that the “Clarification” was asshown below.  So far, I do not have defenders in the scientific community, so it appears that the Calgary Herald has redefined what constitutes scientific evidence and publication, despite my lengthy phone conversation with them, and has taken the opportunity to correct a Canada Research Chair on how science is done.  Actually, any science student, or even any humanities or law student, probably knows better than the statement below. 

“On Sunday, April 23, 2006, The Herald published a letter from Dan
Johnson, a professor in environmental science at the University of
Lethbridge. Johnson was responding to an article of April 19, 2006, written by Dr.Timothy Ball. In his letter, Johnson criticized Ball’s lack of research regardingclimate and said he rarely published while teaching at the Universityof Winnipeg. According to Ball’s curriculum vitae, he has conducted research onclimate and has published 51 papers – 32 directly related to climateand atmosphere.The Herald wishes to clarify that information.”