Canada's Prime Minister Now Blames George Bush for Climate Inaction

Of all the people to jump on the Blame-Bush-Bandwagon, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now claiming that,

… global efforts to fight climate change are likely to go more smoothly once U.S. President George W. Bush leaves office early next year.”

Yes, this is the same Prime Minister whose government was viewed as one of the lone instigators (along with the United States) of climate inaction at the last major round of international talks on climate change in Bali, Indonesia.

Mr. Harper is no doubt realizing that being seen as a government in bed with the Bush administration on environmental policy is no way to garner more political support in a country that views the environment as a top issue and the US president less favorably than North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il.

A US national poll out today might also explain Harper's sudden Bush-bashing ways. The CNN poll shows that presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has jumped out ahead of his Republican rival John McCain by 5-points.

Unimaginable change are in the air. Hopefully they will lead to changes in our ever-warming atmosphere.  


I find it incredible that Harper would make a comment like this. Idealogically and practically speaking, Bush and Harper are on uncomfortably intimate terms. These two lead governments that have worked hand-in-hand to prevent as much forward momentum on climate change as they possibly could. Bali was an international embarrassment for this. Harper’s government has also taken to very strenuous public relations to cover up their inaction (or backpedalling) on many environment “files”, climate change among them. Focus the hatred on the Libs, then take credit for anything good that happens seems to be the approach our government currently uses.

But apparently Harper is such as US sycophant that even if they suddenly elect a leader who does not live in a reality bubble, he will follow the US lead on climate change?

Well, it’s good news if that is so, but hardly a positive comment about Harper as a leader.


Harper flip flops with the best of them. Stands with Bush one minute and flops over whwn public opinion goes. I supported this government, but the blinders are off, he’s worse than Bush.

Every vote count for a Minority Government.

“I decided I just had to call because you’ve printed a picture of the Earth upside down” - Al Gore, Washington Times, 1998

It’s all about political expedience I’m sure. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a nudge-nudge wink-wink from Harper to Bush about this, like “You know that I have to say this, and that I don’t really mean it.”

“… global efforts to fight climate change are likely to go more smoothly once U.S. President George W. Bush leaves office early next year.”

Prime Minister Harper never said that. You are quoting the Toronto Star author, not Harper.

The only quote in the Star article attributed to harper is,

“I think, if you don’t see a change this year, you’re certainly going to see a change on that front next year.”

That’s quite a lot different from what you are claiming he said. You are projecting your own left-wing hatred of George W. Bush on people who don’t share your tendencious biases.

This is typical of Desmogblog’s (James Hoggan & Associates PR Inc.) mendacious distortions.

Just curious, why would there be a change next year, the con projecting a change of heart for themselves next year in creating a real plan to reduce emissions?….or a new president, and the expected action since both candidates are pledging to take….so…what are you implying he was meaning if it has nothing to do with who is president?

“Just curious …”

Odd that you’re not more curious that the entire basis of this article is a complete fabrication?

Here’s the lead in the article:

Les Whittington
Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper says global efforts to fight climate change are likely to go more smoothly once U.S. President George W. Bush leaves office early next year.

Seems clear to me. 

“your own left-wing hatred of George W. Bush”

Seems ‘left wing’ now includes an overwhelming majority of little bush’s own fellow citizens and would-be subjects, including not a few members of his own party.

Ain’t it a b*tch when reality has a decidedly left-wing bias?

Yeah, him and Republican Dana Rohrabacher of California would like Bush not to show up at the 08 Republican Convention at all. This was in July 5th New York Times. Ouuch!

No wonder its so easy for Harper to dis King George the Worst now that George’s own party doesn’t want him to show up except at 5:00 AM, perhaps, on the Thursday morning before the end of the convention.

whether or not he said it - this isn’t a stab in the back for his right-wing compadre
file it under ‘delaying tactics’ - i.e. no need to do anything now ‘cos next year it’s all going to be sorted - as if!