Clean Coal swag at Democratic Convention eliciting cynical repsonse

On the ground sources at the Democratic National Convention are telling us that people aren't buying the clean coal propaganda being shoveled out by a major coal industry front group at the event. 

As many have reported, including DeSmogBlog, a coal industry front group calling themselves the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is spending $2 million over the next couple of weeks aiming their coal is clean and green message at people attending the Democratic and Republican conventions. 

One of our sources at the Dem's convention this week is telling us that even people hired by ACCCE to hand out free swag aren't buying into ACCCE's propaganda. Nancy Laplaca with Energy Justice told me this morning that when one of the women hired by ACCCE to hand out  free t-shirts clean coal baubles was asked whether she believed coal can really be clean, she stated that she really doubted it.

When a guy wearing an ACCCE clean coal t-shirt was asked a similar question, he replied, “hey, it's only a t-shirt.”


ACCCE will also be in St. Paul for the Republican convention next week. 

Here's some facts on the dirty side of coal. 


“Nancy Laplaca with Energy Justice told me this morning that when one of the women hired by ACCCE to hand out free t-shirts was asked whether she believed coal can really be clean, she stated that she really doubted it.”

Argh! Now, I’m inclined to believe that this is true, but some really hard evidence of this will be nice – with so much fake grass flying around, one can never be too careful…

Put a name, or a face, or a voice recording to the people at the forefront of this campaign.

Thanks, that’ll be cool! :)


Well if they can’t pitch the product this week I’m sure they’ll have little difficulty next week and the other convention in Minneapolis.

ACCCE isn’t even handing out t-shirts in Denver.

So before you decide to relay so called misstatements by folks on the street, check your sources and make sure they are credible, unlike your blog.

I have heard from at least 5 independent sources that they are. I will check again, but this post is based on the info I received and corroborated with others.

Minor correction - ACCCE was not handing out free t-shirts - the ACCCE staff were wearing t-shirts handing out free ACCCE marketing swag (i.e. pieces of coal painted green). This minor detail in no way changes the fact that even people who have been hired by ACCCE are cynical about their over-the-top coal is clean message. 

Wow. This blog is about as credible as its “sources on the streets.”

ACCCE is not handing out green pieces of coal either.

What I’ve witnessed are people on the streets receiving materials, asking lots of good questions and are learning the importance of coal as part of this country’s energy future.

Needless to say, thousands of people now have a better understanding of where our electricity comes from and the fact we have domestic sources of fuel like coal to keep electricity secure and affordable.

Further evidenced by both candidates’ support of coal and the funding of clean coal technology.

It’s been a great week!!!

Now on to Minneapolis.

Brad is absolutely right! I, too, managed to witness the pure observed fact that Thousands Of People asked Lots Of Good Questions and obtained a Better Understanding of the importance of Clean “Coal Is Clean” Coal! I achieved this by standing around listening to all the questions from the thousands of people, and counting the thousands of people.

There were about 31,000 people, I think. Or 36,000. Or 50,000.

Though I’m a staunch libertarian who voted Republican every time (except for Gore), makes it a point to waste energy, forgo recycling, and destroy habitats… yet I, too, support the call for alternative energy, and that includes Clean Coal!

Can you confirm that none of the green coal lumps was given away? You work for ACCCE, right? How many green lumps were made and how many do you have now?
PS. In case you take this seriously, I don’t care.

Clean coal - maybe. But there are many other issues and it would be a mistake if only clean coal was on the climate change agenda. I found a whole heap of other issues that I wasn’t aware of at, which I heartily recommend to all our readers

from Don Surber today “Half the country’s electricity comes from coal, so the odds are 50/50 that you accessed this site using coal.”

you bunch of evil coal burners! (:

Rick, you forgot that this site was brought to you by The Internet, which was of course invented (or pushed forward) by Al Gore the Antichrist and Big Government. Maybe you guys should try inventing your own information infrastructure that’s free from every taint of Un-Freedom, Un-Capitalism, and Un-Unbiasedness.

Or are you actually a secret Muslim?

* * *

Now, back to ACCCE’s antics…


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