Ireland's Democratic Union Party can't have its Climate Cake

There’s those few dinosaurs left out there who refuse to acknowledge the decades of science telling us that human activity is to blame for global warming. One of them just so happens to be the environment minister for Northern Ireland. 

North Ireland’s Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson, has blocked a series of public awareness ads on energy consumption and climate change calling it an “insidious propaganda campaign.” In a recent letter Wilson stated that he does “not believe that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of climate change,” and that such campaigns promote “anthropogenic [human-made] climate change as gospel and as you are of no doubt aware, this is contrary to my views.”

In an odd statement on his website, titled “Sammy Wilson slams climate change deniers” Wilson states:

“Spending a day with Prince Charles has not caused me to have a Road to Damascus like conversion in regards to my views on climate change.

Although I do not believe in man made global warming, I do subscribe to the fact that there has been a change in the political climate in Northern Ireland over the last number of years, which was not naturally occurring but caused by the DUP.”

But it looks like the leadership of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), of which Wilson is a member, wants to have its climate cake and eat it too. The DUP is touting a climate agenda, but refusing to take action against they’re head-in-the-sand environment minister.

Peter Robinson, head Minister of the Democratic Unionist Party tried to distance himself from Wilson stating that:

“Mr Wilson was entitled to his opinions, although they did not reflect those of the DUP as a whole. He has provoked a debate in Northern Ireland which I suspect would not have taken place had he not made the comments, and every individual must be entitled to their view on the issue”

Robinson’s statement is completely disingenuous and nothing more than political baffle gab. Wilson is his environment minister, the person charged with promoting action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and his views are completely at odds with his party’s own manifesto.

The DUP’s 2007 Manifesto (PDF) states that:

“Currently Northern Ireland farmers are focused on the production of food. With climate change, increasing energy costs and changes to Government policies, renewable energy is likely to play a greater role in years to come. The DUP supports Northern Ireland becoming a centre of excellence for renewable energy and believes that this can provide an alternative land use for farmers.”
“There is a growing recognition of the need to protect our environment from both local and global threats. It is important that we in Northern Ireland not only look after our own environment but also play our part in global issues such as tackling climate change.”
“The DUP has supported the introduction of a Climate Change Bill at Westminster and called for year on year targets in order to achieve reduced Carbon emissions.Northern Ireland must play its part in that overall effort, and a new Executive should be proactive in this area.”

So either Robinson and the DUP are completely out of touch with the role their environment minister needs to play, or the commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions outlined in the party’s platform are nothing more than lip-service. People are calling for Wilson to step down and I think that the only way Robinson and the DUP can show that they’re going to do what they say on the issue of climate change is to meet those calls and oust their environment minister.

There’s too little time to sit around waiting for dinosaurs like Wilson to evolve.

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The trouble is of course is whether this clown’s been fooled by the disinformation campaign or whether he’s an idiot.

He certainly hasn’t been reading any science.

Great article.

Ireland has its own John Baird. 

It’s very sad to see that governments are still allowing the personal opinions of a single politician, who may or may not have any expertise at all, to override the advice of those best qualified to provide it.  This is the very definition of Folly, and we will not all live to see its impact.   

Just realized I could have had a lot of fun with the DUP acronym. Oh well, we’re researching Wilson’s background, so I’ll get a chance in the next post.

He probably asked and answered these question: In my lifetime, has climate changed? Has there been a pronounced change in the pattern of weather that has persisted for about 30 years? Or maybe he asked the old foiks these question. They probably said. “No, not much at all.”

A slowly changing signature of warming which is masked by chaotic weather is not something readily identifiable by personal experience, especially when one factors in the cooling caused by volcanic eruptions.

That’s why we need science to identify the far from glaringly obvious. Anyone with only a basic understanding of science will realise that the cumulative contribution of science to human understanding of the natural world is immense. From the discovery of bacteria and viruses and the theory of disease; through earth sciences from the fossil record, plate tectonics, to Darwinian evolution; to quantum physics and the marvels of modern electronics.

If this joker cannot understand that then he should go back to living in the trees. The trouble with people like him, is that he doesn’t realise the true extent of his ignorance, which is of course the sign of true ignorance. The sign of stupidity is not bothering to discover the facts before deciding  what to believe.

Taking care of our environment is a must. Whatever happened in our economy we should not let others to destroy our Mother Nature because once we lost our habitat I believe there is no second chance to all of us. Did you know that Ireland has been one of the hardest hit countries in the downturn of the world economy?  It is said that when Ireland gained its independence, the Irish Republic emerged as a country behind the curve, but over the next 50 years they become the richest nations of Europe. The Celtic Tiger boomed for years until recently, as the Anglo Irish Bank was nationalized amid fears of a collapse. But because of this recession Irish many turned to cab driving to sustain the needs of its people. They never granted any no fax cash advance as well as short-term loan. Radical budgets cuts appear in the prospect, as there may not be a large enough short-term loan for Ireland to keep things as they were. Just imagine how many countries suffers from this economic downturn, well I guess we should act a little fast now before it’s too late. And please take very good care of our environment will you!