US taxpayers on the hook for Senator Inhofe's conspiracy theories

Much like trusting your mechanic when he says you need new brakes or a doctor when he tells you that your cholesterol is too high, you would hope that elected officials would listen to the experts in a particular field when it comes to developing common sense government policies.

On the issue of global warming, that is happening now for the vast majority of the world’s leaders and their political colleagues. Even former US president George W. Bush came to be convinced of the need to action on global warming. Pretty hard not to be when you consider the mountains of evidence produced, tested and re-tested by scientists at top institutes like NASA, the Royal Society and the American Academy of Sciences.

And President Obama needs no convincing, nor does his Energy Secretary Steven Chu. Today, the Nobel-prize winning Chu said that, “California could lose all its agriculture by the end of the century, and that a number of its cities are also in peril due to worsening global warming.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that Chu said the state’s award-winning vineyards, as well its farms, could be wiped out in the starkest warning yet from the Obama administration.

“I don’t think the American public has gripped in its gut what could happen,” Chu said. “We’re looking at a scenario where there’s no more agriculture in California,” adding, “I don’t actually see how they can keep their cities going.”

This is where the waste of taxpayer’s dollars comes in in the form of Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) who continues to spend his days ignoring the expertise of the best in the field and grasping onto a delusion that he and his handful of conspiracy theorists are somehow “winning,” as if science is a high school popularity contest.

Inhofe’s response to Chu’s concern over California’s water issues was:

“I am hopeful Secretary Chu will take note of the real-world data, new studies and the growing chorus of international scientists that question his climate claims.”

Real world data? New studies? You would think that Chu would have heard of such things given his career as a scientist. Looking for evidence of this “real world data” I took a look through Inhofe’s blog on the Environment and Public Works website, run by his political assistant Marc Morano.

Far from being a source of data, Inhofe’s blog serves as a wonderful chronology of delusion. You also get a good idea of just how much time (and money) Inhofe’s office is dumping into this effort to fulfill Inhofe’s foregone conclusion that global warming is nothing more than a giant conspiracy.

I’m interested in whether the American public is okay with their taxpayer money going into this claptrap? In particular, I am wondering how people in California feel about a taxpayer sponsored effort to obscure the realities of global warming, which scientists are saying will have devastating effects on their very livelihood in the near future.


so I assume you think Mann , Steig and the Goreacle himself should be locked up as well. I mean a lie is a lie, right?

The vociferous chorus coming from the so-called “rapidly growing” group of skeptics… is this chorus merely the sound coming from a noise generator comprised of lots of knees jerking in unison?


There’s a huge difference between a pack of pseudoscientific drivel like the Oregon Petition and genuine science as produced by Steig and Mann.

Then of course there was Crichton’s ‘State of Fear’, which was also full of deliberate distortions and lies, dressed-up as science. Quote [from memory] ‘The footnotes are real’. Yes they were ‘real’ and they contained real lies.

BTW AIT was a movie, but still pretty accurate, unlike the denialist spin. However it was a movie, based upon science! Look at the facts, not the denialist spin. AIT was presumably part of the reason why Gore shared the Nobel Prize with the IPCC.

It’s typical that a denialist wouldn’t be able to distinguish truth from lies.

Show your proof or admit your error! Otherwise you’re a troll.

climate criminal,

I think the main problem with mascereye’s ‘argument’ is that it simply doesn’t make a single jot of sense.

Basically he’s saying that, if Inhofe is to be jailed (for delaying the response to global warming by saying it’s a UN hoax), then somehow this means Mann, Steig, and Al Gore should be jailed too (for saying that global warming is a real problem).

It’s just a knee-jerk “YOU DID IT TOO!” response which makes zero logical sense.


its not that hard to follow…you think a person should go to jail for lying….so i assume it wouldn’t matter who lies, whether its algore , michael mann, eric steig or inhofe, the punishment should be the same, no? i thought it was pretty simple….you are calling inhofe a liar and i’m calling algore one…i know how you guys try to confuse logic and this is a great case in point….next time i will just get to the point and say algore is a liar

its not that hard to follow…

No, it’s not. If Inhofe lied about ‘global warming’ being a hoax, then by definition it follows that Al Gore did not lie.

But I realize that in the wingnut ‘logic’ that you use, consistency doesn’t matter, and you just need to shout YOU DID IT TOO!!!!!!!


i guess i have to speak as plainly as possible on this site to all of the well read genius’ …real simple…i DONT think inhofe lied.  i think algore, hansen, mann do lie. plain and simple.

i DONT think inhofe lied.

That wasn’t what you said, and you know it. From above:

climate criminal:

Personally I believe he [Inhofe] needs to be locked-up.


so I assume you think Mann , Steig and the Goreacle himself should be locked up as well.

I can see your exploding head from my house.


People may recall that the Chairman of the Senate EPW is no longer Inhofe, but CA’s Barbara Boxer.  CA is too busy trying to make progress to think about Inhofe.

However, I think that at some point, before CA is toast, the State Formerly Known as Oklahoma can be renamed The  Senator Inhofe Memorial Dustbowl, as it returns ~permanently (in human terms) to the 1930s.

But this time, instead of being caused by (fixable) local dumb-farming/ranching practices, it will be the Northward migration of rain from the Hadley Cell effects, not easily fixed.  Weather will vary randomly as always, but over time, there will be less water, like during the Medieval Warm Period (read Bryan Fagan’s  The  Great Warming, about the Anasazi, etc), only worse.  I’d guess that farming/ranching will pretty much disappear, leaving mostly oil&gas, i.,e., a little more like Saudi Arabia.

These days,  they get both floods and droughts,, and they are working through their aquifers.  (They have part of the Ogallala, for example.)

Oklahoma City might be renamed Morano City.

Hopefully, OK citizens will come to understand all this, and what it means for their grandkids to become “Okies”, as  per Grapes of Wrath.  I’m afraid, that just as other states are not likely to be interested in bailing out Florida’s actuarilly-unsound insurance, they’re not likely to spend a lot of extra money helping OK at that point, especially having elected Inhofe so often.  Maybe, Andrerw Rice or someone equallty sensible can win the next election.