Obama, Canada's government not worth its salt on global warming [pic]

This full page ad by the grassroots group Avaaz appeared on page A3 of the Washington Post today in advance of Obama’s trip to Canada scheduled for tomorrow. (click to enlarge)



Oil sands of Alberta are not the best eco-friendly projects. Issues of global warming will stick out as a soar foot in the Obama-Harper talks.

It’s hard for Obama to criticize Canada’s “Dirty Oil” when the US, and in part Illinois, emit over 70 TIMES as much carbon using coal for energy production as the oil sands emits.


We see many outlandish claims here and elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority, if not all, turn out to be denialist HOT AIR

Do you have peer-reviewed scientific references to back your claim, or is your claim unreferenced rubbish?

The burden of scientific proof lies with you, since you have made the claim. 

Whether it’s referenced or unreferenced, it’s obviously rubbish.

Notice that curtisbuxton can’t make up his mind on whether the “70 TIMES” figure refer to the whole of US compared to the whole of Canada, or Illinois compared to… to what, I don’t know.

I bet he just thought, ‘hey, I’ll just say that the US burns a lot of coal, and while I’m at it I’ll throw in a mention of Illinois because I enjoy ribbing Obama, HEY THEY DID IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111


I think what chris means is that it’d be like the pot calling the kettle black for the US leader to tell Canada’s leader what to do about carbon emissions, given the fact that we emit more carbon dioxide.  In this case, maybe he’s right.  However, the difference is that we now have an administration in power who plans to do something about climate change, whereas Harper is a denier.

With less than 3 weeks left before the Heartland Institute’s, um, “2009 International Conference on Climate Change”, are there any folks out there planning any ad campaigns against Heartland’s campaign of noise?


At the Ekati mine in the Great White North, 9,000 tons of earth and rock yields 3,000 tons of Kimberlite ore from which a one carat (200  mg) rough will be isloated. After cutting and polishing the rough will become a one half carat gem which will be set in gold or platinium. This mine produces about one kilo of rough diamonds a day, worth at least $500,000.

Vast quanities of Diesel fuel are consummed at this and at the Diavik and Snap Lake mines, which run 24/7/365. Yet no squeals or squawks about the huge release of CO2 from these mining operations are heard from the enviros.  What a bunch of lazy low lifes! They don’t want to offend the silk-stocking enviromentalists and limosine liberals in NYC (aka the Tiffany crowd) who generously donate large sums of cash to them so they don’t have to get a real life job like tying rebar on the thirteenth floor of high rise under construction when its 2 deg C and pouring down rain.

Oii is a neccessity, diamonds ain’t! 

So Harold “Al Gore is Fat!” Pierce is saying that global warming is a hoax concocted by environmental groups so that they can wine and dine, unlike those professional shillers/astroturfers who are just hard-working individuals trying to make an honest living.


Harold Pierce said: “yields 3,000 tons of Kimberlite ore from which a one carat (200  mg) rough will be isloated (sic)”. That is not even close to reality. The ore at the Ekati Mine contains roughly 1 carat per ton of ore. You are a factor of 3000 out!!

Being out by a factor of two or three can be considered “exaggeration” or “propaganda” but being out by 3000 times means one of two things.

You are either completely out of touch with reality and don’t bother to check sources (which means you are a very poor scientist, but we already knew that) or you are being completely dishonest and are telling lies to bolster a position which is not supported by the truth. That is also despicable for a so-called scientist.

You are a pathetic person who is severely demeaning the honourable profession of scientist.

Those were the numbers that I remember from a show on the History Channel. This could be the inital rate of recovery from the near surface ores. The mine is now about a mile wide and 1000 ft deep so it possible that the yield increases as the mine gets deeper.

You completely miss the point. Diamond mining the most extravagant and shelfish waste of energy of all human activities. Diamonds have no intrinsic worth. De Beers has been running one of the greatest scams in history with their slogan: A diamond is forever! Clear diamonds suck! You can now buy fancy diamonds for a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds. Apollo Labs in Boston uses chemical vapor deposition methods and can make perfect one half carat clear diamonds. De Beer days are numbered.

BTW, Who benefits the most from an ice-free Arctic for most of the year? De Beers, and the US and Russian submarine fleets!

BTW, did you get the rebar joke?

You completely miss the point.

Let me get this straight: you’re saying that global warming is a hoax concocted by environmentalist junkies to get heaps of money from latte-sipping limousine librulllllz who buy diamonds from De Beers which is itself a scam and which will actually benefit from warmer temperatures, but never mind.

So…. you were saying, you had a point to make?

BTW, did you get the rebar joke?

I get that you’re a joke. Thanks for your hilarious clown show, by the way.


Harold Pierce is now blaming his poor memory for the dishonesty and ignorance of facts which he subjects us to on too many occasions.

Well HPJ, I don’t believe you for one minute. You are an arrogant and dishonest piece of rubbish that a cat would be too embarassed to bring home.

You claim to be a scientist but everything you post makes a mockery of your claims. You are a disgrace to the scientific profession. Get a life and stop being so dishonest.

Just to show how dishonest you are the very first samples that Fipke and Gurney brought back from the Kimberlite pipes contained 0.68 carats per ton (http://www.tinyurl.com/dngd5m).