Sarah Palin Wants to Be Poster Child of Anti-Science and GOP Fear Mongering

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin penned an op-ed in Tuesday’s Washington Post slamming Obama’s “cap-and-tax” plan and promoting America’s home-grown, (not) cheap, (not) clean, (not) abundant fossil fuel supply. 

Palin clearly wants to be relevant in her forthcoming post-resignation days, and what better way than by declaring herself the lead spokesperson attacking efforts to stop climate change?

In true GOP fashion, Palin seeks to put the fear of God and all things scary into readers minds, foretelling an apocalyptic future for any who subscribe to the idea that we need to curb carbon emissions to save the climate and protect our economy from carbon dependence. 

Palin declares Obama’s cap-and-trade (er, sorry, she says “cap-and-tax” four times) energy plan an “enormous threat to our economy” that “would undermine our recovery over the short term and would inflict permanent damage.”

Permanent damage?  You mean the tipping point beyond which scientists conclude that we won’t be able to recover the climate and will surely face more devastating floods, droughts, and heat waves?

No, no. That’s not the “permanent damage” Sarah Palin predicts.

Instead, Palin is talking about the damage that efforts to curb carbon emissions might have on the profits of the world’s largest polluters, including the oil industry which has treated her and her family so well over the years, providing gobs of campaign funding and a job for dear husband Todd (when he’s not out snowmobiling, of course).

Palin argues that, by pursuing renewable energy technologies and cutting carbon emissions, the U.S. would be “making energy scarcer and more expensive!”  That’s her exclamation mark - it must really be true if you add that kind of emphatic “!” to it.

Anyway, any efforts to solve the climate crisis, in Palin’s mind, would have the effect of “destroying America’s economy.”

What the U.S. really (“!”) needs is to “tap the resources that God created right underfoot on American soil.”

That’s right.  According to Sarah Palin, God put coal, natural gas and oil down there (and don’t fail to notice that most of it lies under Red states, you liberals! He’s on the GOP’s side!) 

Obama’s plan will “kill” and “clobber every American consumer” goshdarnit (“!”)

The reality is, apparently, not visible through Sarah Palin’s rose-colored glasses. 

Media Matters for America picks apart the many misleading lies in Palin’s op-ed, as does Climate Progress, which points out that Palin received the Post’s not-so-prestigious Four Pinocchios award for continuing “to peddle bogus [energy] statistics” during her failed ’08 campaign for VP, yet the Post apparently has no problem running this screed without fact checking it.

Get Energy Smart! Now!!! (emphasis not Palin’s) also weighs in on the op-ed by “Sarah ‘Energy Expert’ Palin: Ready to lead American away from science and back into the past.”

Bravo, Governor Palin.  Please, please keep it up.


From the lady who distinguished herself by her efforts to neither read nor learn anything in preparation for coming within heartbeat of the Presidency, I have to wonder what she thinks it will do to the US economy to sink 1,000 miles of the most expensive property on the east coast. And goshdarnit, why can’t she use the resources god put right underneath her hair?

Fear. It was absolutely the tone of this piece form Palin. Right from the outset, when she writes, “There is no shortage of threats to the American economy,” Palin is trying to establish herself as the voice of fear-based conservative energy politics.

I’m so over that game.

Was Governor Palin paid for this article? If so I think it would be illegal, even if she didn’t write it. If she doesn’t believe that global warming exists then why would she even make any statement about the environmental aspects of energy policy? Even if the US decides to “drill baby drill” it would take a minimum of 10 years to begin producing any amount of oil, the amount of oil that is produced would be minimal, and has been proven-despite Right wing mockery-to up the amount of oil by less than a minimal effort by Americans to conserve oil would save. Even properly inflating tires across the country would save more than the new production would create. Finally, why does she think that this new production would go to the US? The oil would be like all the other oil produced and go onto the world market, similar to the oil produced in AK that is used for Japan. meladerm

I am truly bothered by the fact the Repubs have pegged Palin as their new poster child. What’s even more vexing is that somehow people have latched on and actually believe what she says (like she actually understands the words coming out of her mouth). But hey, she does have cute glasses. Gary