All Wet on Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise will be one of the most important and destructive effects of climate change, so naturally, Deniers have something grossly in error to say about it.

We’ll look, as always, at the source documents.


There are several points from the video that stand out.

While it is correct that Al Gore did not state there would be a massive rise in sea level in the coming century, he also neglected to provide any date when this rise could happen by. 10,000 years maybe?

Secondly, most advocates of action on AGW demand that we adhere to what the IPCC states. But the IPCC reports have escape hatches large enough for a busload of lawyers to drive through.

The IPCC states we face a possible maximum 23” rise in sea level this century. But because of processes that they have little to no understanding of, they attach the escape clause of omitting “rapid dynamical changes in ice flow.”

Well, if you don’t understand the processes, how valid can the IPCC concensus be?

Secondly, Peter refers to “Meltwater Pulse 1A” in the distant past. No scientific explanation is offered. Yet Peter then goes on to say we are facing similar conditions now. Well no we aren’t. If we don’t understand what caused Meltwater Pulse 1A, we can’t say we face a similar situation today.

Lastly, if the IPCC reports are considered the definitive authority on AGW, one can not cherry pick individual reports such as the one from the USGS that predict a sea level rise exceeding the IPCC report. Outlier reports that are not part of the concensus can not be included.

Lastly, no mention in the video is made of what sea level rise is actually doing *now*. And we know sea level rise is not accelerating and hasn’t been for 100 years. If current sea level rise trends from the last 100 years continue, we will see a sea level rise of approx. 6” to 8” in the coming century.

At some point, the actual data has to be looked at, and so far the alarmist scenarios for sea level rise appear to be exactly that: alarmist but not found in the actual data (computer models excluded :)).

Take a bunch of ice cubes from your freezer. Leave them out in the room in a bowl.
Do you “understand the processes” by which they melt? Can you say when they will melt? Maybe it will take a week! Duh.

i second that motion! but the important thing here is that we need to be a lot more responsible in the little things that we can do for our environment.

GLS, the fact remains that sea level rise is not accelerating. Why this critical fact is never mentioned in the video above is surprising to me.

The impression I’m left with is tat the IPCC really minimized possibilities of a major Greenland/Antarctica melt off. Why would they do that? Because that possibility is way out there.

There is also some possibility that we could be hit with something as big as whatever hit Jupiter last month - which would kill us all off instantly and there’s a possibility that NK,Iran, Israel, Pakistan, India etc. could set off a nuclear holocaust next week or that some super virus will kill off 6 Billion people next year.

No guarantees, but I expect that those things won’t happen and I expect the -50 temps of antarctica will keep our heads above water.

I remember reading a report on how the Bush administration insisted that since no computer model existed in the summer of 2006 (deadline for technical information to be incluced in the IPCC report), that accounted for the glacier and Greenland melting, that such melting not be included in the sea lever estimate.

We know a lot more now than we did in the summer of 2006.

I think the video clip is excellent. I would also refer you to the link below which shows that Greenland’s Glaciers are melting at 3 times normal rates due to the stream waters under the glacier which cause it to slip more quickly toward the ocean.

The sea level is rising due to global warming. The glaciars and ice in Antarctica is melting. We must have a will to fight this problem. It is very serious.

no one can say for sure that sea level rise rate is increasing at all and the vast majority of antarctica is locked in a deep freeze year round. Sometimes we hear reports that overall antarctic ice is increasing in mass. That may offset Greenland melt somewhat. So overall I remain positive about the future.

At no time in the last couple of years would you hear that, unless you’re reading unsourced denier sites. The National Snow and Ice Data Centre has come out with conclusive evidence that net/net, Antarctic ice mass is in decline, notwithstanding the unusual continental snowstorms thta are being driven by warmer temps.

It is questionable whether Antarctic ice mass is in decline.

It has been reported that the Antarctic is losing 152 (+/-80) cubic kms per year. But the Antarctic is over 30,000,000 cubic kms of ice.

The evidence of ice loss so far in the Antarctic is quite trivial.

He said Fox news got it wrong but first of all it was Barnes who made the comment and secondly, inorder for Florida to be overcome with water like in the diagram the water level would HAVE to rise several feet and not several inches. common sense.

From NASA’s JPL site:

Sea Level Rise:
Since 1993, there has been “22mm of ocean level rise” {latest measurement, taken June 2009}

“In the period 1880 to 1990, the avg. per year rise was 2mm ; since 1993 it has been 3.4mm per year [estimates] ”
{derived from 23 tide-gauge measurements}

Explanation: “Sea level rise is associated with the thermal expansion of sea water due to climate warming and widespread melting of land ice”

Significant Evidence:
Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in the last century. In the last decade, however, the rate of rise nearly doubled.

No, the rate of sea level did not rise in the last decade. They changed the system of measurement.

Prior to 1993, sea level rise was determined by tide-gauges. After 1993, the preferred measurement was by satellite. But the two systems of measurement are not equal to each other. Tide-gauge measurements from 1993 to present show no acceleration whatsoever in sea level.