Verizon Wireless Joins Massey Energy To Celebrate Mountaintop Removal and Climate Change Denial

Verizon Wireless is facing intense criticism for its co-sponsorship of dirty coal company Massey Energy’s “Friends of America” rally this Labor Day weekend in Logan, West Virginia.

To give you an idea of how outrageous this rally is, note that the featured speaker is infamous global-warming denier Lord Christopher Monckton, and the emcee is none other than right wing machine-gun rocker Ted Nugent (who threatened to kill President Obama and Hillary Clinton).  Oh, and Fox News’ Sean Hannity will be there too for good measure.  The venue? A former surface mine, of course.

The rally was organized by Massey Energy, the mountaintop destroyers who are wiping out our nation’s carbon sink of deciduous forests in Appalachia, blocking attempts to bring renewable energy and green jobs to the region, and continuing a decades-long assault on workers’ unions. Massey CEO Don Blankenship says the goal of the rally is “to learn how environmental extremists and corporate America are both trying to destroy your jobs.”

Massey, like Monckton, denies the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change, and keeps on devastating the local communities caught in its mountaintop removal blasting zones. Massey’s illegal dumping of coal slurry waste, rubble, wastewater and toxic pollutants into Appalachian waterways led the EPA to fine the company $20 million last year for over 4,500 violations of the Clean Water Act.

The folks at Massey Energy are not “Friends of America” by any stretch.  They are destroying our climate, burying our waterways, eviscerating our labor protections and destroying the proud cultural and ecological history of Appalachia.  

So why is Verizon Wireless, which, according its website, “works every day to protect our environment and give our customers opportunities to do the same,” now partnering with the largest violator of the Clean Water Act in American history?

This controversy is causing a big media headache for Verizon, generating outrage across the blogosphere.  The youth climate movement blog It’s Getting Hot In Here wins best title with “Verizon Wireless: Open Mouth, Insert Mountain.”  

Verizon Wireless needs to explain to shareholders and its 87 million customers why it stands behind Massey’s mountaintop removal, climate-change denial, and union-busting ways.

The folks over at Credo Action are encouraging Verizon customers to communicate their displeasure with the company’s sponsorship - via Twitter, Facebook, Email and this petition. The Center for Biological Diversity has an action page, Rainforest Action Network does as well. And Powershift ‘09 too.

Contact Verizon Wireless corporate leaders and tell them to clean up their act.  CEO Dennis Strigl can be emailed at [email protected].  Verizon HQ is here:
1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
(908) 559-7000


I don’t see why you demonize the oil companies becaues they’ve given money to promote global warming also. For example, Exxon Mobile gave tons of money to a Stanford research group to promote global warming. Furthermore, global warming promoters have much better funding than skeptics from the government. Promoters receive around 2 billion while skeptics receive about 2 million per year. Regarding Lord Monckton, if your so sure he’s just some idiot and is lying, why not debate him? I know that Monckton is always up for a debate, along with some others but nobody wants to take the challenge.

shooshmon, it’s a good idea to actually _read_ Brendan’s blog entry and respond to what it actually says, instead of merely looking for keywords and then throwing out cookie-cutter talking points based on the keywords.

For one thing, the blog entry doesn’t even mention ExxonMobil.

– bi,

You know what Franky, I’m new to the site and I think both sides have reasonable arguments. For instance, I believe that every molecule of CO2 emits infrared. But I also believe that it escapes to outerspace faster than some people think, I believe that clouds cause a negative feedback(or else I think the temperature would fluctuate on a crazy level). So basically I think that the CO2 is a very minor role player. I’m just saying you should not demonize entities like oil companies, media and government because they help your cause much more than they help skeptics of your theory.

you can try reasoning with Franky if you want, but he’s in it to win it. he’s a no compromise, shoot and ask questions later kind of guy. By saying CO2 is a minor player, I am afraid you have placed yourself on the wrong side of FB. Prepare to be shot down.

Richard I know who you are, I’ve seen the debate on youtube in which you “learned that the hard way”. I don’t care about though I think your a very good scientist. I’ve read on Spencer’s site that it takes 5yrs of our emissions to add 1 molecule of CO2 to 100,000 molecules of atmosphere. I’m confused because I feel like as we add more CO2, a molecule could be added more quickly to the atmosphere. Could you comment on this?

“Richard I know who you are,” APPARENTLY NOT “I’ve seen the debate on youtube (IT WAS A BAD RADIO DEBATE; MUST HAVE MADE EVEN WORSE TELEVISION) “in which you “learned that the hard way”. I don’t care about though I think your a very good scientist.” (I AM NOT A VERY GOOD SCIENTIST. I AM A JOURNALIST AND, ACCORDING TO MY CURRENT WEEKLY CHEQUE, A PR GUY) “I’ve read on Spencer’s site that it takes 5yrs of our emissions to add 1 molecule of CO2 to 100,000 molecules of atmosphere.’ (AND YOUR POINT IS? IF THAT MOLECULE STILL ADDS TO ATMOSPHERIC CAPACITY TO STORE HEAT, AND IF WE ADD THOSE MOLECULES IN HUGE AMOUNTS AND AT A FASTER RATE THAN THEY CAN DISSIPATE BY NATURAL PROCESSES, WELL, THAT WOULD STILL MAKE THE WORLD GET WARMER.) I’m confused because I feel like as we add more CO2, a molecule could be added more quickly to the atmosphere. Could you comment on this? (NO.)

I remember hearing the actual debate on my car radio. It was quite disappointing. Monckton came out attacking the funding of desmog and it went downhill from there. Nobody won.

On the other hand, Richard, if Monckton can pass himself off as a climate scientist …

Yeah whoops I thought you were someone else. But you didn’t really answer my question. The whole premise of the question is whether or not we can add huge amounts as co2 emissions increase. Or is the relationship between Co2 and the atmosphere truly logarithmic?

It’s hard to be completely anti-coal when you consider what a wealth machine coal has been historically. It’s provided a good life to countless people and so it’s going to be a long good bye.

Coal provided a good life to _whom_ exactly? Christopher Monckton the nobleman? People who drink polluted water? Cardboard ‘poor people in Africa’ who care more about the cost of electricity than whether they can even get their next meal?

Wait, aren’t you the same RickJames who said that the Bonner and Associates scandal isn’t getting traction in the major media, _and_ that the attention given to it is indicative of a massive anti-Obama uprising? ( )

I think you’re on your way to becoming an anti-Oracle – whenever you say something, we can be confident that it’ll be false.

– bi,

Let me break it down a little Frank

railroads running on coal resulted in a good life for at least half the planet - those railroad cars brought stuff - wealth

power plants running on coal resulted in cheap power and thus money to spend elsewhere - hence a good life for at least half the US.

“many” doesn’t mean “all” - but it does mean a lot - including you - without a doubt.

Coal has been good for whom exactly? Could it be the whole world? I think so, ho ho ho! We need coal, oil and natural gas for everything. You can’t legislate theoretical energy. If people were serious about cutting fuel consumption, they would promote motorcycles.

A talking-point troll disguised as Santa Claus is still a troll.

Come back when you have more to offer than cookie-cutter ‘skeptic’ talking points.

– bi,

There is no reason to comment on the story. It’s about another meeting with conservatives, who cares. Oh no! Verizon Wireless is supporting Sean Hannity and Lord Monckton, oh no! Lets pretend for a minute that a natural force could cause the artic to melt. What in the hell are we gonna do about it? Are we gonna put snow machines out there? I just don’t see what peoples expectations are. And then some guy says “well no debate because Monckton is just a liar”. Well thats great then! All the more reason some1 here ought to debate him and show the world he is lying.