US War Veterans Denounce Senator Inhofe's Indifference

In a recent interview with NY Times Magazine, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) brushed off the national security concerns raised by 5 retired US generals who testified at a Senate Committee hearing on clean energy by saying that:

“There are a lot of generals who don’t like to be out of the limelight. They’d like to get back in”

These war veterans are ticked to say the least, and will be holding a press conference tomorrow in response to Inhofe’s dismissive and disrespectful statement.

According to the release,

“Military officials and veterans will hold a new conference call tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET to set the record straight on the national security threat climate change poses and call on Sen. Inhofe to apologize for his recent statement accusing military generals that are advocating for clean energy reform as merely engaging in a publicity stunt to get back into “the limelight.”

Stay tuned. We’ll cover this tomorrow.


Inhofe says THEY want back into the limelight? Wow, the irony is breathtaking.

One thing that struck me as ironic about Inhofe’s comments was this: “Well, that’s 5 generals out of 4,000 retired generals that say that.” This coming from a man who cannot count on one hand the number of scientists who agree with him on climate change.

Nope, no smear here. And VJ, the Captain of the Smear Police let’s it slide?

A bold statement like this with no justification other than blind adherence to a religious ideology leaps effortlessly over the lowest bar.

As homage to the knuckle-draggers amongst us, please provide a link.

You dumped your data? No problem, True Believers don’t need the burden of pesky proof; that’s just for twisting around to flummox the masses.

Their is a military consensus on this issue, global warming is not important, but energy security is. That is why the US army has coal to oil technology that it uses. The military industrial complex in the USA drives al large part of the worlds technology, IE internet (No al gore didn’t invent this desmoggers) we can expect to see this technology become mainstream within 10 years. However,I don’t see any tanks with solar panels or windmills on them.

Expect to see the global warming religion attempt to bring out all sorts of quasi supporters who’s opinions matter little. Tommorow the Film actors guild will have a press conference where they state that the acting community has a consensus on global warming. They will do anything to keep the international carbon credit treaty alive as their is big money behind these people.

amusing little interview. I don’t think apologizing to anyone is going to be very high on his priority list. He’s too busy flying airplanes upside down and what not.

The more you say it, the easier it is, no matter what you are saying thank you to or who to. Yesterday, I was honored to be with my father, who was a WWII veteran. I accompanied him to the Veteran’s Day Ceremony in my hometown. I traveled 140 miles to be with him for this, and my two siblings that live in the same town, did not show.

intresting post.
Thanks so much for the post! It is such interesting information.

In light of information coming out in recent days about destruction of data, and “cooking of books, and outright crookedness by IPCC scientists, shouldn’t Desmogblog be a little more humble? Do not castigate Senator Inhofe. He has done a valuable service of exposing that CO2 is not the cause of any global warming. That CO2 is a good, clean, SCARCE, and ecologically essential gaseous component of the atmosphere at close to sea level – where phytoplankton live in the oceans, and where green land plants live and photosynthesize and use up CO2. Don’t you environmental activists know that 0.0385% CO2 is such an extremely low concentration of precious, clean CO2 that it’s a wonder green plants manage to stay alive. CO2 is scarce! You should apologize to the real scientists and Senator Inhofe who have dared to challenge global-warming nuts – yes, like Desmogbog staffers, too; people who have been questioning CO2-caused climate change from the get-go of the silly assertion that CO2 of air, anthropogenic and otherwise, causes global warming. Thank God for Senator Inhofe.

Senator Inhofe has also done a valuable service of exposing that geology is a false science and that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. Do you agree with that as well?

If things keep going his way inhofe could be president in 3 years. So far he is the only one on either side of the aisle that has emerged as leadership material. If he lands the deathblow to climate extremism, he will have the money behind him too. I think we might be looking at a jame Inhofe, Richard Littlemore ticket in 2012.