Time Magazine and George Monbiot Cite Climate Cover Up

I would say it’s been a good day for publicity for Jim and Richard’s new book Climate Cover Up.

First, there are two new pieces out today from Guardian columnist George Monbiot and in both he cites Climate Cover Up. In one he calls Climate Cover Up:

“… the fascinating, funny and beautifully written new book by James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore.”

We’re flattered George.

The other big piece of publicity comes from Time Magazine, where a story citing Climate Cover Up is currently front and center on the homepage.


The cover of the book reminds me a little of the cover of Jackson Browne’s Lawyers in Love album.

(a song about being confused about whats happening in the world)

It’s a guy rowing a car in a river instead of a guy rowing a boat in a desert

Book cited on DotEarth
comment #28, Revkin highlighted it, so he deems the comment thoughtful. In spite of the fact that the comment was critical of his overemphasis on the hacking in East Anglia.