Climate Contrarian Monckton calls young climate activists “Hitler Youth” and "Nazis"

Fifty young U.S. clean energy activists stormed the stage today in Copenhagen during a live webcast organized by Americans for Prosperity and featuring climate denier Lord Christopher Monckton

When the youth group interrupted the webcast to deliver the message that real Americans want clean energy and a fair climate treaty, Monckton went ballistic, calling the students “crazed Hitler youth” and “Nazis.”

The incident was not likely the intended result Americans for Prosperity hoped for as it launched the COP15 version of its “Hot Air Tour” (a.k.a. denial-a-palooza). AFP sent its team to Copenhagen “to make sure that our side of the story is told.” But their live event today – complete with the student protest - was webcast to over forty climate denier rallies taking place in cities across the United States.

SustainUS reports that “a paltry audience of five conference attendees” attended the event to hear Monckton’s (planned) speech, with the balance of the audience comprised of AFPers and the youth activists (who entered surreptitiously in small groups before taking the stage with their clean energy message).

The young activists, representing a number of youth action groups including SustainUS, the Sierra Student Coalition, the Cascade Climate Network, and other American youth NGOs, kicked off the protest by holding banners in front of the cameras reading “Climate Disaster Ahead” and “Clean Energy Now.”

When AFP staffers ripped the banners out of their hands, the students began a five-minute chant of “Real Americans for Prosperity are Americans for Clean Energy,” leaving AFP organizers scratching their heads about what to do.

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips and his camera crew tried unsuccessfully to focus the lens more tightly on Monckton as he continued speaking, hoping to take back control of the event despite the protest in the background.  With several of the youth activists clustered around the podium, AFP kept the cameras rolling, continuing to stream the footage to the broader audience back in the U.S.

That’s when Monckton let loose, saying live on camera: “You are listening now to the shouts in the background of the Hitler youth.”

Monckton’s tirade aside, the American youths had a clear message to deliver, highlighting the fact that “clean energy creates jobs.” Rachel Barge, a 24-year-old entrepreneur from San Francisco, CA who was the first young person to raise her voice at the event, said afterwards that “These climate action delayers and science deniers are stealing bold, new economic opportunities from the American public.”

That sentiment was echoed by Laura Comer, a 21-year-old from Strongsville, Ohio who also participated in the action. Comer said, “We’re representing the majority of Americans on this, particularly young Americans. The real America wants clean energy - not more fossil fuel-funded lies about the science.”

Update: For some reason, Americans for Prosperity enjoyed the stunt so much, they posted their own video of the protest. Watch AFP’s own footage of the “radical protesters” (a.k.a. students with a non-violent, coherent message) as they “attack” AFP, (or so AFP says). Note that Monckton’s tirade is not included in AFP’s version.

UPDATE: I interviewed Monckton briefly outside the Bella Center about his “Hitler youth” comment. Here’s what he had to say (along with some fascinating delusions about coal and oil, which Monckton claims are as clean as wind and solar power):


“Global Warming is a religious cult. Science is about skepticism and proof.”

Broad statements and certainly non-sequitur. If you are all about science, then try That blog is totally unpolitical - and very informative and insightful. And if you arrive at the conclusion that these scientists are cult members, you should give evidence for it. Al Gore produces as much science as the Moncktons, Friends of…, etc. - none. Gore is a figurehead that informs Americans on topics their European counterparts have long picked up on.

So do not blame Gore for the science, blame the scientists. And whether Al Gore is an idiot or not is irrelevant for the issue. And whether Gore and Monckton have a TV debate is also irrelevant for the issue. Get Mann and Monckton/Singer, that will be interesting.

And stop thinking one-dimensional and linear: CO2 is indeed good for you as is a glass of wine. But when somebody pumps 15 bottles (of either)into you, it is likely lethal.

RE: “Broad statements and certainly non-sequitur.”

I see, If one is skeptical of what another claims is the revealed truth, then one should never go into “science”. Similarly proof is not all that is required of good science. Lacking proof, a strong faith will often carry the day for “science”.

RE: “Al Gore produces as much science as the Moncktons, Friends of…, etc.”

You must have forgotten that Al Gore Created the internet before he discovered that “Earth is in the Balance” Comparing Al Gore with Monckton isn’t much different than comparing Tammy Lee Baker with Mother Terresa; both women of the cloth as it were.

RE: “European counterparts have long picked up on”

Yes they picked up on Stalinism, Hitlerism, Facsism, and all the other ugly forms of state socialism too, and long before we Americans embraced them. Looks like were beginning to catch up with their latest re-incarnation of state socialist tyranny: Environmentalism.

RE: “try That blog is totally unpolitical.”

You are joking of course, I have been there many times. This is the site that is used as PR flak to justify the 80 Billion bucks that hard working Americans have blown on these useless louts and frauds. They NEVER address the issues. Since you are a fan, tell me how they “prove” that the burning of fossil fuels offers a positive green house feedback to cause runaway global warming? To one not as schooled in their mythology as these louts are I would simply hold that the miniscule portions of greenhouse gases that man adds to the armosphere simply tilts a new equalibrium by the roughly same miniscule amount…Ive never seen a proof otherwise that would alter my opinion.

RE: Blame the “scientists”

Believe me I do. Climatalogy is simply a fraud. We could spend the same 80 billion dollars on them for their Astrology theories and come up with more useful results: ie: The new models prove..”that when the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars…” is every bit as useful a theory as any predictive theories offered by any of these frauds.

RE; Stop thinking one dimensional and linear.

Boy you sound pretty smart; my integral calc and physics courses never prepared me for such concepts. As one who is trapped in a one dimensional linear world, could you please tell how much our entire atmosphere weighs and then tell me how much of this weight is due to water vapor and how much of its weight is due to man’s release of subsurface sequesterd carbon molocules. For you, as one who lives in the multi-dimensional, non-linear world of Al Gore et. al this should be a real piece of cake for you

Science aside, lets take an intuitive approach. How long does it take to compress all this plant CO2 and mature it, until we have coal, gas and oil. Yes, rather long. All of a natural cycle. And then we take coal/gas/oil and flare it at a rather high rate so that that CO2 is re-added to this cycle, but at a unnaturally high rate. One could expect that this compromises the balance of this natural system, which was formerly closed, and is now quasi-open: you stuff too much into it at too fast a pace.

Thats probably the thinking that started the scientific research behind it. How can this all be a fraud aiming to install a socialist world government?

And even if the science was not 100 percent clear, considering the potential consequences of a lack of action, how can people be outright angry against such action, which cannot do any harm other than compromise a wasteful lifestyle. And the Calgary lifestyle, for example, is ridiculously wasteful.

I like your “intution”

Lets say we had this “natural” system of millions of square miles of prairie grasses that only bison ate, then we kill all the bison, tear up all the natural grasses and replace them all with maize, wheat, barley and oats.

Tell us how this would break the “natural order” but by all means finish up your bowl of corn flakes and your slice of toast first.

I do agree that liberating useless carbon sequestered under the earths surface changes the natural order but thats what men do for a living dont we?

Most of this carbon was on the surface at one time when ther earth had more plentiful life, fewer deserts and simply more life.

So intutitively it is the goal of environmentlism to preserve all the dead places on the earth by keeping carbon safely locked up?

“Save the Sahara” as the new bumber slogan???

Yes indeed liberating carbon liberates the stuff it is made of — ie life.

More carbon in the oceans means more fish food too - what a disaster-

“save our seas - kill the fish” another bumper slogan of the left?

More carbon in the ocean means more acidity in the ocean which means more dead fish.

When we burn carbon, it goes into the atmosphere, where it prevents more heat from escaping into space, which causes the earth including the oceans to warm up, which causes climate change.

Don’t try to figure out the science for yourself - it’s clearly beyond you.

RE: “More carbon in the ocean means more acidity in the ocean which means more dead fish.”

That would be true if life (Phytoplankton) didn’t consume the carbonic acid formed when CO2 enters inot solution and turns it into food through the process called “photosynthesis.”

In fact Phytoplankton accounts for about half of all photosynthetic activity on Earth.

You see you dont know these things because you are programmed brain dead communist dolts with too much time and too few brains.

Now back to your lessons:

Now phytoplankton is the largest single biomass on earth and is the primary food of “krill” (really just little shrimp). In the Antarctic some 500 million tons of Krill essentially eat all those carbon-filled phytoplanton morning noon and night. More carbon dioxide, more phytoplankton, more phytoplankton…more krill, more krill…

Oh my God! we’re all be going to be killed by ever expanding Krill populations, I hear you cry; The new greenie chant will be “Krill kills.”

Fortunately krill is the primary food of all Baleen type whales….the ones Jane Fonda is always trying to save.

In addition, krill is eaten by penguins, squid, fish, bigger shrimp, and even humans. I take krill oil as a supliment every day…it promotes brain activity - you should really try it.

Now what of all those whales, shrimps, and fish…thet are mostley eaten and since soem of us are at the top of the food chain we eat all the tings that eat carbon…..oh wait….the new threat will be too little carbon and we’ll all die.

Well thats partially true…sooner or later all that wasted carbon (the stuff all life is made of) that’s currently under all the dirt will all be liberated. Then its every man for himself ‘cause were going to fight over the remaining bits of carbon based food.

PS Ive got lots of guns and know how to use them so dont expect to take my carbon based food to feed your stupid faces.

Now tell me agian, just why do you greenies (communists really) want to “save the deserts” and “starve the whales”?

‘You see you dont know these things because you are programmed brain dead communist dolts with too much time and too few brains.’

With that statement you betray the basis of your thinking and it is the same as Monckton’s and as described in the heading to my reply.

‘Now back to your lessons:’

Careful. Your patronising tone, like Monckton’s, comes from a point of ignorance, at best, or deliberate disingenuity.

‘Now phytoplankton is the largest single biomass on earth and is the primary food of “krill” (really just little shrimp).’

Do not confuse phytoplankton with copepods for marine scientists consider those later to be the largest single biomass on earth.

As a whole there is a greater total biomass on land than in the oceans, 1000 billion metric tons compared to 600 billion metric tons. Source:

Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science by Tom Garrison

I suggest that you, and all other AGW deniers find and read a copy, or something similar. This will help you avoid pseudoscience.

“More carbon in the ocean means more acidity in the ocean which means more dead fish.”

Here are some videos from Oceana on the destructive effect of increased carbon in our Oceans..

You can take action here…

“I am writing to urge you to protect our oceans and coasts from the devastating impacts of ocean acidification.

Please, use your influence as a negotiator of one of the four largest carbon dioxide emitters to commit to large and rapid reductions in CO2 emissions.”

Americans for Prosperity - the title says it all - a self interest group if ever there was one - of whom you should beware.

Right-Wing Billionaire David Koch Funding SwiftBoat Campaign Against Global Warming Science

Article at Climate Progress:

‘In an op-ed in the Boston Globe yesterday, I [Lee Fang] observed that Koch has manufactured a positive image for himself by giving to laudable causes, while at the same time, quietly “funneling tens of millions of dollars to more subterranean efforts that reflect his conservative politics.” Despite his funding of the Smithsonian, Koch has done more to politicize and and undermine the public’s understanding of science than any other single person. Koch has funded the leading groups dedicated to spreading skepticism of climate change:

– Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing tea party group which Koch founded in 1984 and continues to finance, has just announced that it will send a team of political operatives to Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. AFP intends to hold a press conference to attack any climate change solution the President promises as a mistake that will “kill jobs here” and “infringe on our personal and national freedoms.”

– Koch has funded the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has been the most aggressive conservative front group heralding hacked e-mails as proof that climate change does not exist.

– Koch funds the “Hot Air Tour,” a campaign led by lobbyists stopping in cities across the country to call into question the science underpinning climate change. The tour also features an actual hot air balloon to illustrate their beleif that climate change science is just “hot air.”’

Sorry for the double post. Latency in the internet link caused me to think that the post had not gone the first time.

you should use the comments section to post other ways to disrupt the pro-pollution machine. What events should we be going to and expressing the opinions of real science?

And use this section to post the websites of the head-in-the-sand, paid liars’ “science” articles. Or what are their supposed studies?

Don’t argue with them. They get paid a few more dollars for each post.

Don’t speak with them. Speak with the average reader - the one who is not paid to hide his head.