Lou Dobbs thinks Jim Inhofe deserves a round of applause

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Not surprising, but all the same ridiculous.

Lou “Mr. Independent” Dobbs said on his show today that Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) deserves a round of applause as a man “utterly vindicated” for his stand against climate change science. 

Here's the catch Lou, tell me where the facts surrounding the science of climate change have changed? Where is the science refuting the multiple lines of evidence all showing a dramatic rise in temperatures over the last decade in relation to the continued burning of greenhouse gas intensive fuels like oil and coal. 

The only applause Inhofe deserves is from the oil and gas lobby who have donated so much money to his coffers over the years.

Watch it:

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A parody masquerading as the truth.

I note that Inhofe has turned into McCarthy in a witchunt against climate scientists.


Are there no depths to which this fossil-fuel criminal won’t stoop?

The answer, is clearly, no!

It’s breathtaking how much of a pass Inhofe gets from the media. While I haven’t bothered with this latest document he has produced, his earlier list of scientists who supposedly disagree with AGW is preposterous. Yet, I cannot recall a single major media report that addressed the lies it contains: 1. calling people scientists who are not scientists, 2. calling people scientists qualified to comment on climate change who are economists, etc., and 3. misquoting and mistating what some real scientists have said. Some have gone so far as to publically demand that their name be removed from his document. In response, Inhofe just continues to update his list with more lies.

I think this from Tamino should be disseminated.


He’s done two things here, the most important of which, to my mind, is the global temperature time series from raw data only.

His follow-up post should be read, too. http://tamino.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/shame/

Let me guess, he’s Fox affiliated now, isn’t he?

The one thing he said right was,
“This is nonsense! We have to be fact based, we have to be rational, and this nonsense has to end!”

I couldn’t agree more! Lou, get the right facts!