Monckton Denial Circus Booked into Utah

The Prevaricating Peer, Christopher Monckton, the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is back on the road, taking his climate denial circus to Utah, where there is a raging state legislative battle over how to back off from responsible action against climate change.

Monckton, who in this Salt Lake Tribune story, adds architecture to the fields in which he pronounces himself an expert, is promising to take a fiercely non-partisan role, even while attempting to throw doubt on the science of climate change on behalf of his oily funders.

On that latter issue, however, Monckton remains proudly ignorant. Regardless of the Exxon connections of his benefactors, Robert Ferguson and the Science and Public Policy Institute (, when asked who is bankrolling his denier tours, Monckton told the Salt Lake Tribune, “I have no idea.”

If he was going to break policy and start answering questions with full forthrightness, the good Viscount might find that to be a useful answer to most questions.


If Monckton ever runs out of oil and coal funders for his world tour, he can always knock on the door of the U.S. Republican party. Here’s what he had to say about the GOP last week in Wisconsin: “The Republican Party was and is the patriotic party.” Monckton also called President Obama a “monster.” So in Monckton’s twisted world, Barack Obama is a “monster” and youth advocating for clean energy are “Hitler Youth” and “Nazis.” And the head of the local Republican chapter that paid Monckton Lord-knows-what to speak called him “wonderfully charming.” Charming indeed.

He’s as wet as a fish’s wet bits.

“Quietly getting on with the science”? Spare me. Ashley Anderson’s characterization of the Viscount as an attention-seeking clown is spot on. Climate scientists were “disconcerted” by his findings? More like falling on the floor laughing.

Now, can we please get on with the job at hand?

And Monckton insists visitors won’t hear any partisanship from him. “I am no campaigner nor do I do any campaigning on either side of the issue,” he said. “All I do is look at the science.”

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Oh. I guess you can.

I’m looking for other examples where Monckton denies knowing the identity of his funders. I know I’ve heard him say such things before, but can’t find any sources other this article. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated - the guy is a key figure in a thesis I’m working on.