Bombshell: Canadian Gov't Committee Tears Up Critical Tar Sands Report

There is spin-doctoring an issue and then there is just tearing up evidence.

Two weeks ago there was news that Canada’s Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development had literally torn up draft copies of a report looking into the impacts the country’s massive tar sands operations were having on the fresh water supply.

Writing on the Tyee, author and tar sands expert Andrew Nikiforuk outlines in shocking detail just how much evidence was covered up by the Committee.

It is well worth the read:  What Those Who Killed the Tar Sands Report Don’t Want You to Know


Following that ‘What Those Who Killed… link’ I found this post by Grania (4 days ago) interesting:

AMEC is doing the environmental assessment and is involved in planning for Raven Coal. AMEC has a website that brags about a seven year history with tar sands in Alberta and the Athabasca tar sands. AMEC was responsible for almost all aspects of the BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico and has extensive interests in China and in Nigeria with Shell, Exxon, BP, etc. I suggest an indepth report on AMEC given the threat Raven Coal presents to this Island.’