Clean Coal propaganda at the Democratic Convention

People attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week are the target of a $2 million advertising and PR blitz by a coal industry-funded front group called the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) whose goal is to sell the idea that coal is somehow clean.

One of our writers, Page van der Linden, is attending the conference and snapped some photos of the massive marketing campaign that starts right when delegates touch down at the airport, here's an example:

(click image to enlarge)

Of course, as most people know, coal is far from clean. But that hasn't stopped ACCCE and their corporate backers from desperately trying to sell a “green” and environmentally friendly image.

As Matthew Lewis at the Center Public Integrity points out, “as for the ACCCE coalition — it was founded this year solely to address the advancing legislation aimed at cutting the emissions of fossil fuels like coal that are blamed for global warming.”

Outside of ACCCE's activities at the DNC, the front group has spent spent $4.7 million on lobbying so far this year — more than any other organization that described itself in disclosure forms as devoted exclusively to influencing climate change legislation.

ACCCE will also be in St. Paul for the Republican convention next week.




There is a form of Clean Coal that you have neglected. It’s the form that is left in the ground. :)

Maybe they should spend some of that $4 million reclaiming acid mine drainage and toxic waste sites and paying for health care and clean water for the thousands of people with poisoned well water from coal.

That would be much more persuasive to me than an ad.

Great idea selling the idea that coal is green im sure that will be an easy one to sell.

Interesting that the three top receivers of money from the coal lobby in the House are Democrats, topped by Frederick Boucher of Virginia at $144,054. In the senate, yet again another Dem tops the list with Rockefeller at $123,000. While it’s true that the oil lobby, another dirty industry, targets mostly Republican members, Democrats are by no means innocent, or clean.

Check out a great site I found, , to find the numbers on the other members and how that money matches up with their votes on energy bills. (Incidentally, there’s a sister site for oil money at .)

Hi Kristin, someone else will know better than me, but my understanding is that the website has difficulty with large urls. If you want to post urls here, try converting it to a small one using

This is FANTASTIC – but as we need so little room really to harvest solar energy – just the confidence to back this new (well actually very old) energy source.. do we want to invest heavily in clean coal? We can all help to make wise climate change resource decisions – read the emergency triage response to current climate change crises at ActonClimate

to be honset i would of pefered if we have the birth control limit set in much early liek aroudn 1950s so most of thsi bull crap wouldnt of happend or would of been prevented intill we found or made a new enegry souce

For many centuries, coal was burned in small stoves to produce heat in homes and factories. Today, the most important use of coal, both directly and indirectly, is still as a fuel. The largest single consumer of coal as a fuel is the electrical power industry.

The combustion of coal in power generating plants is used to make steam which, in turn, operates turbines and generators. For a period of more than 40 years, beginning in 1940, the amount of coal used in the United States for this purpose doubled in every decade. coal is no longer widely used to heat homes and buildings, as was the case a half century ago, but it is still used in industries such as paper production, cement and ceramic manufacture, iron and steel production, and chemical manufacture for heating and for steam generation.

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No doubt burning fossil fuel is hugely responsible for global warming and has a direct negative impact on the world environment. Well, welcome to ACCCE for launching their idea of “Clean Coal”. The environment friendly image of coal has been initiated


The coal industry’s campaign to “make coal sexy again” has included every trick in the book – even a music video ad featuring supermodels dressed up as coal miners.

There is a need to preserve coal for our future generations. Good thinking !!!

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