Sun TV (aka Fox North): No Goths; only vandals

Full disclosure: I have not actually spent any time watching the new Sun TV channel, which promised in its debut last week to bring Fox News-style partisanship to the Canadian airwaves. But one of my favourite provocateurs sent me the Youtube link below to a skit in which Ethical Oil author Ezra Levant belligerently prunes a tiny cedar as an insult to “Saint Suzuki” and a Koran-burning-style assault on the sanctity of Earth Day.

Seriously. Mr. Tough Guy can’t even start his own chainsaw.

Regrettably, I have been unable to confirm the rumour that, for his next demonstration of man’s dominion over nature, Levant is going to buy a really pretty ficus - and not water it.


Wow, the first time I used an axe I got through tougher stuff faster. With a rusty old axe. I think he should stick to burning climate science textbooks - far less potential for looking ignorant.

Personally I prefer kate and anna’a Log Driver’s Waltz.

Even if you bought into this blokes faith of creation this should be an insult. Sure, the bible is pretty clear that we should use what’s given to us to exploit, but he does nothing but spit on “God’s creation” for entertainment. It sits well with the accelerating extinction rate over the past two centuries to be a crime/sin against all other species whatever your supernatural slant may be. He’s an idiot.

Pretty strong opinion for someone who admits they do not have the facts, ie, they don’t watch the station.
Fairly typical of the so called environmental movement though, facts are just a nuisance to them.
You don’t have to see much of their nonsense about the oil sands to figure out why the greens are losing credibility in the real world.