DeSmogBlog's Brendan DeMelle on Ed Schultz Show and Ring of Fire Radio Discussing Denial-a-Palooza

DeSmogBlog executive director Brendan DeMelle appeared on the Ed Schultz radio show earlier this week to discuss the Heartland Institute’s sixth International Conference on Climate Change - a.k.a. Denial-a-Palooza - and other aspects of the climate change denial machine.  DeMelle was interviewed by guest host Mike Papantonio, who is co-host of Ring of Fire radio, which also ran the interview on its Saturday July 2 edition.

Listen to the Ring of Fire version of the interview below:


Congratulations to the Heartland Institute on yet another very successful Conference.

A big thank you is in order to all the suppporters. Even Desmog in their inept way has helped to promote the event.

Once again the sheer idiocy of the CAGW Faith has been exposed and discussed and all the myriad “other” climate forcings hae been presented.

Well done and bravo..

Sanity is slowly returning to the world.

Sorry George.

A new generation of trolls. Or maybe not so new … I recognize a few familiar diatribes in the comments here. So, “anonymous (not verified)” please explain to me how a bunch of discredited scientists (Hey there, Fred old buddy! You too Timmy!)and lame PR hacks (that would be you, Morano) can reclaim the scientific method from actual, working, in-the-trenches scientists? Who exactly presented the myriad other climate forcings, and please direct me to their peer-reviewed, published papers on the subject. Yes, yes – I know. The peer-review process has been hopelessly corrupted and co-opted by the global socialist conspiracy to unite the planet under a single government yadda yadda yadda … oh, and in the process bring the free-market crashing to its knees.

Get real. CO2 in the atmosphere does what CO2 in the atmosphere does. Full stop. That’s it. That’s chemistry. It has laws, and we ignore them at our peril.

So b****r off, “anonymous (not verified)”. You are probably a program anyway.

Fern Mackenzie, and yes, that’s my name

So, a shill employed by a PR company gets interviewed by a Florida personal injury lawyer. Sounds fascinating.

Yes, I’m sure the remaining two listeners of this far left radio show – Janine Garofolo and Michael Moore – are now completely convinced that evil capitalist corporations are conspiring to strangle babies in their cribs and steal the golden eggs laid by poor people in their sleep.

You’re preaching to the converted – all two of them – on this radio show which is nationally syndicated on *42* stations (LOL!)

By contrast, last week, Dennis Miller had James Delingpole on his show for an entire hour. Quite an interesting interview. The Dennis Miller Radio Show is broadcast on more than 250 stations nationwide. That’s probably because he’s not a hectoring, smug, self-satisfied liberal that people actually enjoy listening to.

oh, right. “Dennis Miller Radio Show” audience compares to the Ed Show? A prime time MSNBC show that runs twice a night? You are a deluded fool. The jig is up for you deniers. Denialpalooza got zero mainstream media coverage. The only stories that ran were about how their key note speaker Inhofe weaseled out, while another in their lineup, good ‘ol Willie Soon was caught w/ his hand in the Kochie Jar. I hope Koch is paying you well too for being such a loyal Koch-Sucker.

Oh, that’s right, the jig is up … which is why the AGW Cult needs a PR company to run their smear campaigns. LOL!

And by “mainstream media”, I’m guessing on your planet that means Huffington Post and The New York Times, LOL!

MSNBC? Uh, riiiiight … let’s see:

Oooooh, that’s gotta sting.

no comment about the Heartland fiasco? what’s the matter—surely you have some explanation. “lame stream media”, right? Go on, keep on sucking Koch. I’m sure they appreciate it.

Fiasco? Maybe for your demented religious cult – but you should be used to that by now.

I cant risk the likely hysterical screaming that would result from clicking on an Ed Shultz video. Him not me.

oh I see Ed is not on this on - okay then

I think the real issue here is public boredom. Nobody cares about Heartland and nobody cares about global warming either. The public is tuned out.

right. massive expenditure by the denial industry, Exxon, Koch, Scaife, and the rest. all sorts of advertising, multiple press releases, and what do we get for headlines? “the environment strikes back against James Inhofe” and “Willie Soon caught with his hand in the Kochie Jar”. Nothing to see here folks! keep on moving along!

I love it.

The amount spent by the AGW Alarmists far exceeds anything else. Billions and billions – most of it taxpayers money flushed down the toilet.

And what do we get for it?

Your scam exposed on a daily basis.

I love it. (But I want my money back.)

Thank you so much… so good to read the reports on the Heartland convention - technically called SICCC = Sixth International Climate Change Conference

Saw another account by a housewife blogger wearing a cupcake outfit - who struck terror in the hearts of the Heartlanders… with the visual suggestion that they are crazy and that the “cake is baked” when it comes to global warming


“… a housewife blogger wearing a cupcake outfit …”

Seeing as you’ve consistently come up short on any compelling legitimate scientific evidence, I guess that’s all you’ve got left. But it sums up your position nicely.