Flawed Oregon Petition Rises Again

Climate “Science” by the Pound

A climate change petition started in 1988 by the tobacco industry's favourite scientist (Federick Seitz), has just been re-released with a reported 31,072 signatures of “scientists” - some of whom are reported to actually work in the field.

The Oregon Petition was originally started by Dr. Seitz (formerly the principal adviser to the RJ Reynolds medical research program) and by Arthur B. Robinson, a lapsed biochemist who now operates the one-man Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.

Robinson himself was quoted recently saying that a survey was an inadequate way to pursue science. “The numbers shouldn’t matter. But if they want warm bodies, we have them.”

But that turns out to be an overstatement. Seitz, for example, died in March.

But the odd quirk has not lessened the excitement that this document is generating in the denier press. Take for example the breathless coverage offered by the National Post. Frequent contributor Lawrence Solomon declares that 32,000 is even more than the number of journalists who attended the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, which surely must prove something.

Of course, Solomon recently produced a whole book entitled The Deniers, which, despite the title, included NO ONE who actually takes issue with the fact that human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet at an unprecedented rate.

Yet now he trumpets this ever-expanding list of (unsubstantiated) names and celebrates their credibility, bizarrely, on the basis that “the effort was spearheaded by Dr. Frederick Seitz, past president of the National Academy of Sciences and of Rockefeller University, and as reputable as they come.”

“As reputable as they come”? Well that may have been true in 1962. when Seitz was appointed head of the National Academy of Sciences. It may still have been true in 1968, when he was named president at Rockefeller. But things apparently started going downhill, even before Seitz helped found the Exxon-funded George C. Marshall Institute, in 1984. And by 1989, Bill Hobbs, a senior executive at RJ Reynolds, was telling people that “Dr. Seitz is quite elderly and not sufficiently rational to offer advice.” (He was just 78 at the time.)

So, here's a guy who ended his career as paid flak for the tobacco and arms industries, who wsas dismissed by a tobacco executive in 1989 as “not sufficiently rational,” who nine years later embarrassed himself and the National Academy of Sciences by helping to present his bogus petition as a NAS project, and Lawrence Solomon calls him “as reputable as they come.”

That should be very helpful in establishing the relative reputability of everyone else on this list.

One last comment: 32,000 turns out to be an interesting number. It's a favorite number for Art Robinson, keeper of the petition. That, he says, is how many copies he has sold of his Christian fundamentalist home-schooling kit - which is based, in part, on a free version of the 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica.

As Larry Solomon might say: “as reputable as they come.”


Frequent commentor on Desmogblog, and left-wing blogger – also linked by the equally unscrupulous Desmogblog – “Big City Lib”, has been exposed attempting to sabotage the latest Oregon petition.

“Big City Lib” (real name, M.J. Murphy, of Toronto) is a shrill defender of the failed Liberal Party of Canada, so dirty tricks and lying should come as no surprise. It is also indicative of the depths to which Global Warming enthusiasts will sink in their quest to rescue their unpopular ideology. Having no credible evidence to support their incredible claims, this is what they have resorted to.

Details here:

“Honor system abuser, BigCityLib, aka Michael J. Murphy of Toronto reports that he in fact did NOT make the list. By his own admission he lied about his background and falsified documents to try to have his name added, but apparently the petition screening process found his deception and denied his application. But he says he’ll keep trying and encourages others to lie and falsify documents such as he has.”

Please ban this racist troll immediately.

Special prosecutor James Hansen will have all of these AGW deniers/Oregon petition signers rounded up and shipped to Gitmo to be tried for their crimes against high priest Al Gore and the alarmist community. We cannot allow anyone to have an opinion that challenges us, because we warmers are the only real scientists on Earth and are absolutely infallible. Trust me.

Get real, warmies. You lose!

I mean after all, the big thing when the IPCC reported its famous “Global Warming” was that there is a “Consensus”. Thousands of scientists - we are told - have looked at the IPCC reports and validated both the data and conclusions.

So of course, I take it as a VERY telling sign, that when these statements are INvalidated via another consensus, of yet higher numbers of scientists, immediately the numbers don’t matter. “Besides”, they tell us, “all the pseudo-scientists in the Anticonsesnsus are funded by private industry (in a dastardly attempt to subvert the beauty of mother earth, and destroy nature as we know it).”

In other words only the faithful carry weight in this argument, and anybody who goes against the holy mother church - oops, I mean holy IPCC - should be banned, unemployed, marginalized and basically left to die in their feces.

Hey folks, we’ve seen this before, it was called the inquisition, and we really should be past this type of rethoric and/or dirty tactics. If the science doesn’t stand up to scrutiny - and to date the IPCC’s conclusions are way off the mark - no amount of strong arming, name calling and dirty politics will change the facts. You have to face the facts. That, and only that, is the real science.

The sun is responsible, along with H2O vapor(most of the of greenhouse gas), for the earth’s warming or cooling trends. Any attempt to spin that into another human caused catastrophe (a la bubonic lague - God is punishing us…) is merely an attempt to obscure the fact that we are just ants on an ant hill and we have control over bupkuss. Hard to accept, isn’t it?

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